Links 8/27/23

Links for you. Science:

New bacterial ‘dark matter’ offers hope for a drug-resistant world (pre-print version here)
These Bees Have Been Mummified in Their Cocoons for 3,000 Years
Plant diversity in urban green spaces led to sevenfold increase in insect species, study finds
Early Omicron infection is associated with increased reinfection risk in older adults in long-term care and retirement facilities
Covid-19, a disease with tricks up its sleeve, hasn’t fallen into a seasonal pattern — yet
A Quick Update on the BA.2.86 Variant


Public Pushes Back On CDC’s Plan To Weaken Infection Control (Director Cohen was picked because she would support these policies; the Biden administration’s COVID policies are awful)
Amid the New Normal of COVID, There’s an Old Normal Too: Low-income working families and people of color continue to be hit hardest. (including long COVID)
The Rise of Ma and Pa Paxton? If history repeats itself, the attorney general’s wife could prosper even if he goes down in an impeachment trial.
Texas Takes Attacks on Austin to New Level With “Death Star” Law (conservatives have always tried to concentrate power at the state, not local, level, rhetoric notwithstanding, e.g., Viriginia’s Dillon Rule)
Jezebel Boss Quits as G/O Media Dumpster Fire Burns On
GOP states take an ugly new turn in the culture wars with ‘forced outing’
China’s Covid Zero Exit Led to 1.9 Million Deaths in Two Months, Study Finds (paper here)
The Campaign To Keep Electric Bills High: As voters in Maine decide whether to buy the state’s electric utilities, Democratic consultants rake in corporate cash while residents face shut-offs.
Rent Growth Is Slowing (Where Housing Got Built)
Getting serious about recruiting more police: Despite optimistic rhetoric and increased bonuses, MPD is still shrinking (I don’t think we need more police, but, in D.C., the more-police crowd can’t even hire more police; yet another executive branch failure of governance)
“God, No, Not Another Case.” COVID-Related Stillbirths Didn’t Have to Happen.
Hear Elvis sing Baby Got Back using AI—and learn how it was made (Elvis likes big butts)
Covid In Los Angeles Making A Measured Comeback As LAUSD Students Return To Campus
The edgelord of the federal judiciary: Imagine a Breitbart comments forum come to life and given immense power over innocent people. That’s Judge James Ho. (I would go farther and argue the whole point of his initial nomination was to get him on the Supreme Court, not for his views on abortion, but for his business-friendly views on Lochner, which are vile)
Book Challenges Are Having a Chilling Effect on School Librarians Nationwide
Giving Up A Myth
Ohio Republicans Twist Ballot Language For Pro-Choice Provision In Likely Attempt To Confuse Voters
The myth of right to shelter in Massachusetts
If the Left Doesn’t Channel Populist Resentment, We Know Who Will
‘Tsunami Trump is coming’: QAnon sees more in Trump’s mug shot than most
Optical Illusions: What was digital media?
Bloomberg Exit Options & Goldman’s Moment of Truth
Republicans Are Wrong on Abortion—and They Know It
Why Everyone Is Dropping Scooter Braun
Will Northwestern Get Its Stadium, or Will Evanston Get a Fair Deal?
Background actors say fears of being replaced by AI come from their experiences

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