Links 8/26/23

Links for you. Science:

Scientists Witnessed The Birth Of A New Accent In Antarctica
The viral origin of myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome
Late Mortality After COVID-19 Infection Among US Veterans vs Risk-Matched Comparators
India lands a spacecraft softly on the moon’s surface
A tiny Hawaiian bird was nearing extinction. Then the Maui fires came.
This songbird’s genes may show how climate change has sped up evolution


The Cannibal South: An inferiority complex-ridden region depends on eating its own. (absolute must-read)
One Trump Georgia Scheme Goes Much Deeper. Where Are the Feds?
The Constitutional Case for Barring Trump from the Presidency
Vulnerable Children Really Count: Why were misinformation doctors so eager to spread the easily-refutable myth that “no healthy child” had died of COVID
Government Stupidity Is By Design
Political support for surveillance of Covid waning in Australia despite ‘waves of mutations’, scientists say
Patients asked a CDC advisory panel to be more transparent. Then their comments disappeared.
Too cruel for school
Why this Democrat’s early resignation from North Carolina’s highest court may benefit his party
The anti-abortion movement insists everything is really fine
Biden Is in Danger of Losing in 2024 if He Doesn’t Embrace ‘The Squad,’ Progressive Democrat Warns
Decades after the crack epidemic, we’re still reckoning with our mistakes
Mask mandates reemerge amid upturn in COVID-19 cases
GOP states take an ugly new turn in the culture wars with ‘forced outing’
As COVID cases flare, some schools and businesses reinstate mask mandates
Jonathan Turley’s deceptive Trump defense (this leaves a mark)
Kentucky school district cancels classes less than two weeks into year due to Covid, flu and strep outbreaks. Attendance in the Lee County School District dropped to 81% just nine days after the first day of school.
Bray Wyatt’s cause of death revealed (cardiovascular complications from COVID; he was 36–not a typo)
D.C. has long struggled with 911 calls. Then 10 dogs died in a flood.
Moralizing Nostalgia Leads to Bad History – and Helps the Anti-Democratic Right
Revealed: The Authors Whose Pirated Books Are Powering Generative AI
SpaceX Blast Left Officials in Disbelief Over Environmental Damage (move fast and incinerate things)
Online Ratings Are Broken: Companies aren’t asking for your feedback. They’re begging you for data.
Vivek Ramaswamy celebrates his immigrant family while pushing far-right border policies (immigrants, when they code as White or ‘nearly White’, have often done this though–to their shame)
Georgia GOP Gears Up to Remove Atlanta Prosecutor Who Indicted Donald Trump: Lawmakers invoked a new law that’s supposed to target reform DAs. The real targets are Black Democrats.
U.S. health officials lay out plans to cope with respiratory virus season

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