Links 8/22/23

Links for you. Science:

As the Gulf of Maine warms, where are the mussels?
Malaria diagnosed in Maryland resident who had not recently traveled (hopefully, it hasn’t established in an animal reservoir…)
Whoʼs the biggest fish in the pond? The story of bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) in an Australian golf course lake, with deliberations on this speciesʼ longevity in low salinity habitats
A new clue to the reason some people come down with long COVID (this is a very modest effect however; preprint here)
Polymer nanoparticles deliver mRNA to the lung for mucosal vaccination
The Rise And Fall Of The Would-Be Superconductor That Transfixed The Internet


The Socialist Case for Supporting Ukraine
Why Media Conglomerates are Spoon-Feeding Us Anti-Capitalism
The Kids Online Safety Act isn’t all right, critics say
The Big List of Elon Musk’s Hyperbole, Evasions, and Outright Lies
Rubbing Shoulders: Class Segregation in Daily Activities
Why Does Everyone Feel So Insecure All the Time?
Locals have been sounding the alarm for years about Lahaina wildfire risk
Judge Jed Rakoff Has Regularly Dined in the Past with the Chairman of the Law Firm that Just Got a Big Win in His Court in the JPMorgan Sex Trafficking Case
Magpi Boutique Owner Shot and Killed By Suspect Who Made Disparaging Remarks About Rainbow Flag Outside Southern California Store, Authorities Say
No, Elon Musk (probably) didn’t delete all pre-2014 photos from Twitter
How Do We Fix the Scandal That Is American Health Care?
A map of Boston and vicinity
A key feature of NFTs has completely broken: Web3 was supposed to make sure the original artist always got paid. Not so much anymore.
Democratic Group Plans $10 Million Push to Protect Election Officials (to protect election officials from Republicans et alia)
Covid vaccines should be available to buy privately in UK, scientists say: People not eligible for autumn booster programme should have option to pay for jab, experts argue, amid new wave concerns
Maybe He Will Die Soon
The Secret Behind the Success of ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’
People forgot how to act in public: Why concertgoers keep throwing things at celebrities and no one can shut up at the movies. (I’m increasingly convinced that part of this is due to damage from COVID directly–not all or much of it, but it’s a contributing factor)
Why it’s more expensive for Black towns to borrow money
Dogs At D.C.’s Largest Animal Shelter Live In ‘Disgusting’ Conditions, Volunteers Allege
Antisemites, Racists and Other Bigots are Hijacking Public Meetings
Trash Company Boss Met With DCHA Official Before Winning $4.5 Million Contract, Former Employee Alleges: A former employee of JLT Trucking says his boss, Jerome L. Taylor, took an envelope full of cash to a meeting with DCHA’s Lorry Bonds before receiving the five-year trash contract.
Loudoun County farms are leaving. There’s a fight over how to save them.
The Constitution Prohibits Trump From Ever Being President Again
The CDC Works to Overhaul Lab Operations After Covid Test Flop (1-the CDC response on this was awful; 2-state labs and APHL could have shared the protocols used in the rest of world, but did not; someone might want to dig into #2)
Waupun’s Crisis Goes All the Way Down to Our County Jails

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  1. becca says:

    The Maryland case was Plasmodium falciparum- if it’s established a consistent animal host we*are far more hosed than I thought. Though both it and vivax (responsible for the Florida/Texas cases, if I’m correctly informed) do infect some non human primates, so anything’s possible.

    *and by “we” I mean “all humans”

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