Links 8/21/23

Links for you. Science:

Thousands of scientists are cutting back on Twitter, seeding angst and uncertainty
The ancient technology keeping space missions alive
Surprise COVID discovery helps explain how coronaviruses jump species
Phenotypic assessment of spike mutations in BA.2.86 (new highly mutated BA.2 variant)
ProMED sees offers of support, but its future remains unclear (wrote about this here and here)
Say hello to the deepest-dwelling fish ever caught on camera: The unknown species from the genus Pseudoliparis was 27,349 feet deep in the Pacific Ocean.


What to know about new covid booster, RSV vaccines, flu shots this fall
Everyone at West Virginia University Knew Something Was Up. I Hate That We Were Right. The student population got smaller and smaller while fancy new buildings appeared. (the dumbest thing Brown University did in the last 25 years was hiring Gordon Gee. The smartest thing in the last 25 years Brown University did was shitcanning him two years later. What a fucking nightmare)
Facebook Destroys Everything: Part 1. In Southeast Asia in the early 2010s, I watched as Mark Zuckerberg’s creation began to destroy Myanmar. Here’s why I’m never using Threads. (very good)
As Xitter’s Lawyer Stalled DOJ, Elon Musk Met with Jim Jordan (Twice!) and Kevin McCarthy
Why I care about Bradley Cooper’s fake nose
Facebook Destroys Everything: Part 2. How Mark Zuckerberg’s “pivot to video” made the world worse.
New College is a warning about the price of populist incompetence: What happens when inexperienced radicals can’t run public services (this is something, often falsely, the left is accused of, but the right does it on a routine basis)
Now This Is A Real Inside-The-Park Home Run
With the Latest Trump Indictment, Mind These Lessons From the South
‘Really alarming’: Santa Cruz County nursing homes hit hard by recent COVID spike. Four of seven facilities experiencing outbreaks (alarming, but not surprising)
James O’Keefe Is Now Under Investigation for Looting Project Veritas: Prosecutors in Westchester County, N.Y., are pursuing charges against the right’s premiere “gotcha video” scammer, for scamming his own donors. (rooting for injuries all the way down)
Youth curfews make adults feel better, but fix nothing
Jewish Women Have a Long History of Organizing for Labor Rights (Drescher is an anti-vaxxer though, but excellent with the union)
8 secrets to faking a clean house
The New Bard of the Right
Why ‘Blue Beetle’ is the best modern DC movie
Undercover With the New Alt Right
Homicides are falling in many big cities. In D.C., they’re rising. (some of the proffered explanations are ridiculous though)
The Real Hunter Biden Scandal
New abortion data for Massachusetts show the impact of recent court rulings
‘It is like a concentration camp’: The forgotten crisis on Europe’s doorstep
Pollution is threatening Cape Cod’s famous waters. Its towns are spending hundreds of millions to head off an environmental disaster.
‘Don’t You Remember Me?’ The Crypto Hell on the Other Side of a Spam Text: In an exclusive excerpt from Zeke Faux’s forthcoming book, “Number Go Up: Inside Crypto’s Wild Rise and Staggering Fall,” he uncovers a crypto-powered human-trafficking ring in Cambodia.
Remember the ‘vaccines make you magnetic’ doctor? Her license just got suspended
Meta threatens to fire workers for return-to-office infractions in leaked memo
Biden & Putin’s Nuclear Blurred Lines

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