Links 8/19/23

Links for you. Science:

How do we best use Paxlovid and other covid antivirals?
The fast, furious, and brutally short life of an African male lion
CDC: New strain of E. coli is behind outbreaks traced to lettuce (paper here; isolates here)
Multiplicity of blaKPC Genes and pKpQIL Plasmid Plasticity in the Development of Ceftazidime-Avibactam and Meropenem Coresistance in Klebsiella pneumoniae Sequence Type 307 (This is bonkers: a KPC-3 carrying strain had two duplications of the Tn4401a-KPC-3, one of which evolved to KPC-31 (KPC-31 is ceftazidime-avibactam resistant, carbapenem sensitive), all on the same plasmid. Widespread long read sequencing can’t come soon enough…)
The Aging Brain: Is Misplaced DNA to Blame?


With Students Set To Return, Some Northern Virginia School Systems Defy Youngkin On Transgender Policies
Anti-Press Hatred Is Alive and Well in Kansas
Ride-Hailing Arrived In D.C. Ten Years Ago, Bringing Convenience But Also Negative Consequences For The City
Woman climbed through clinic window to dodge antiabortion protesters
The Patronizing Moralism of David Brooks
The End of Twitter
Outrage mounts over flood that killed 10 pets at D.C. doggy day care
Argentina: Vultures Come Home to Roost
5 ways the IRS funding boost is paying off
How State Capacity Can Help America Build
Fani Willis puts violence front and center
Democratic National Convention Chair’s Firm Helps Companies Block Labor Laws
Oil companies are hiring TikTok influencers to court young people
Why Trump Can’t Rely on a Pardon in Georgia
This is the gayest World Cup ever (and no one’s batting an eyelid)
The ‘brains’ behind fake Trump electors was once a liberal Democrat (his shift happened once he began to be involved in crpyto…)
As Xitter’s Lawyer Stalled DOJ, Elon Musk Met with Jim Jordan (Twice!) and Kevin McCarthy
Why the right suddenly loves viral country singer Oliver Anthony (good, but Hamilton Nolan said it better)
Barbarians inside the gate
State budget funds ‘intellectual diversity’ centers at Ohio universities
Nudieland, a haven for queer and trans punks, shattered by hate-fueled mass shooting
Chaos at New College of Florida
Plantation slavery was invented on this tiny African island, according to archaeologists (Jewish slaves, among others)
North Carolina Passes 3 Anti-Trans Laws In One Day, Overriding Vetoes: North Carolina undertook a veto override session to pass a gender-affirming care ban, a don’t say gay or trans bill, and a sports ban for trans youth all in a single day. (the turncoat was the swing vote)
It’s All the Same Fight: Reflections on a week in the age of corporate power

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