In Like Flynn

If something drags down Trump, or at least mires him in the mud, it won’t be Russia. I still think, regarding Trump himself (Kushner is a different story), the real scandal is that he’s in business with some real scumbags, and might be–note the conditional–involved in illegal activities, such as money laundering. He also has deniability regarding Republican operatives working with Russian government aligned hackers.

Where things can get really ugly is regarding Michael Flynn and Turkey, not Russia. Why? Flynn received half a million dollars from Turkey. Flynn pushed hard to delay the assault on Raqqa, allowing the ISIS leadership to get away. So what does that have to do with Turkey?

The assault on Raqqa was opposed by Turkey because it would have been led by the SDF, which contains elements of Kurdish groups with suspected ties to the PKK, a separatist group that Turkey fears (the U.S. officially calls the PKK a terrorist group). Arming the SDF is something Turkey did not want. In fact, after the U.S. eventually did arm the SDF and greenlight the liberation of Raqqa, Turkey and Russia were both livid.

Unfortunately, the many months of delay allowed the leadership of ISIS to escape. Of course, one could argue that Flynn’s position was based on serious foreign policy considerations: perhaps good relations with Turkey are more important that killing the ISIS leadership. But then there’s all that Turkish money.

This begins to enter Benedict Arnold territory. It’s going to be the Turkish connection, not the Russian one, that dings Il Trumpe.

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  1. someone says:

    You are being vague about Flynn and Raqqa. The Secretary of Defense has stated, that there was no delay, see e.g. Breitbart,
    Happy Shavuot!

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