Some Thoughts on the Indictment

In no particular order:

  1. Yesterday was not a Solemn or Sad Day. January 6, the day of the Insurrection, was a sad day. Yesterday was a good day, even a joyous one. Given all of the misery he caused–not to mention his failed coup attempt–he’s getting what he deserves.
  2. The indictment can be found here.
  3. It’s pretty clear from sections 81, 94, and 102 that Trump made a debliberate, premeditated attempt to unlawfully remain in power–and that during his non-narcissistic moments of lucidity, understood what he was doing and that it was illegal.
  4. Yes, Trump suffers from mental illness (narcissism), but, when he’s not affected by it, he is still an awful person. The answer to ‘evil or delusional?’ is “yes.”
  5. Right now, the pundits and others who attempted to downplay the severity of what happened are looking foolish. Everyone makes mistakes, but weight future observations by these Professional Politics Knowers accordingly.
  6. I talked with a lawyer last night with some knowledge of this area of law because I am Co-Conspirator 6 who made two good points. First, this is just the indictment–there is likely more evidence to come, some of which could be really bad for Trump. Second, she felt the only way he dodges this, barring some colossal fuck up on the prosecution’s part, is through jury nullification (Boy Howdy, I would not want to sit on this trial).
  7. I have no idea, nor do I really care what the election horse race ramifications of these indictments are (though I’m sure it’s excellent news for John McCain!).
  8. I think this changes the legacy media’s coverage of Trump and the Insurrection because these organizations are very sycophantic towards power and legal system. This will be an unusual feeling for the left, construed broadly.
  9. Barring jury nullification, the only way Trump likely gets out of this is by winning the 2024 election.
  10. Conservatives are going to throw up a ton of chaff to protect him: remember, there is no ‘jury of public opinion’–it’s now in the hands of the lawyers, the jury, and the judge.
  11. Just to reiterate, it’s the fourth charge, “A conspiracy to vote and the right to have one’s vote counted” that’s the doozy here. He attempted to overturn an election with illegality and violence. All the other things pundits et alia will raise to deflect and ‘both sides’ the issue don’t matter.
  12. There’s still a bunch of other horrible shit going on, so you don’t have to focus on this all of the time.
  13. Again, yesterday was good. It really was, even if long overdue.
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  1. Gingerbaker says:

    Are the words “sedition” or insurrection” in the indictment? Somehow, I don’t think so. 🙁

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