Links 8/2/23

Links for you. Science:

Have We Gotten Dark Matter All Wrong?
Never Go In Against A Caecilian When Death Is On The Line
Don’t Bother Buying Fitness Supplements like Turkesterone
Some African birds follow nomadic ants to their next meal
In The Florida Keys, Scientists Race To Rescue Corals From Deadly Ocean Temperatures
KoNA: Korean Nucleotide Archive as a New Data Repository for Nucleotide Sequence Data


“They need us. We don’t need them:” The fall of Twitter is making the trolls and grifters desperate
We’re now finding out the damaging results of the mandated return to the office–and it’s worse than we thought
The problem with the ‘Bidenomics’ sales pitch
My Life in Corporate Medicine
D.C. has forgotten that driving is a privilege — not a right
‘I’m not wanted’: Florida universities hit by brain drain as academics flee
You’re probably recycling plastic wrong. And it’s not your fault.­­
The Secret History of Gun Rights: How Lawmakers Armed the N.R.A.
Activists Have Long Called for Charleston to Confront Its Racial History. Tourists Are Now Expecting It.
Let the Tragedy in My Homeland Be a Lesson
Searching for a Fortress Built by People Who Escaped Slavery
Transphobia and Right-Wing Paranoia Are a Dangerous Mix (note how the anti-trans bigots couldn’t decide which Barbies were trans, including… Margot Robbie’s Barbie)
Senators Warren & Graham Want To Create New Online Speech Police Commission
Elon Musk Forced to Take Down Disastrous ‘X’ Sign on Twitter Building After 3 Days
Is Following An Extradition Treaty An Elaborate Political Conspiracy?
The Radicalization of the Young Right (Goldberg is giving Hochman too much credit: I’m sure he knew what he was doing, and his being Jewish makes it all the more despicable)
Dissolving circuit boards in water sounds better than shredding and burning
High school boys are trending conservative
National panel will explore requiring free Covid tests
Yes, D.C. needs a stadium deal. But not at RFK.
COVID-19 has exposed the toothlessness of state medical boards
White Nationalists Are Big Fans of Elon’s “White Genocide” Tweets
Customers want instant gratification. Workers say it’s pushing them to the brink
Senate Commerce Should Reject Bills Jeopardizing Online Safety for Kids and Adults
This L.A. developer aims to tear down homes to build apartments where the city doesn’t want them
GOP probe fails to prove teachers union influence on CDC guidance, Democrats say

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