Links 7/26/23

Links for you. Science:

Something in space has been lighting up every 20 minutes since 1988
The effects of COVID-19 on cognitive performance in a community-based cohort: a COVID symptom study biobank prospective cohort study
How fast can we communicate with light and radio waves?
Six Extensively Drug-Resistant Bacteria in an Injured Soldier, Ukraine
As COVID-19 cases rose, so did diabetes — no one knows why. The spike in childhood type 1 diabetes opened new avenues for researchers to explore the cause of the disease.
Behavioral factors and SARS-CoV-2 transmission heterogeneity within a household cohort in Costa Rica (masks do work!)


Everyone should be skeptical of Nate Silver. And anyone touting the lab-leak ‘theory’ of COVID’s origin at this point
Who is Funding the Brownstone Institute?
Trump threats will only backfire on him — they prove Jack Smith’s entire case
How the Life Coaching Industry Sells Pseudo-Solutions to Our Deepest Problems
Upper Middle Class Giveaways
Life in a small town isn’t the pastoral paradise some think it is
A radical idea: Just give kids lunch
Florida curriculum on slavery is an obscene revision of Black history
Conservative Group PragerU Says Florida Is First State to Approve Its “Curriculum”
Top medical experts call for national inquiry into Canada’s COVID-19 ‘failures’
Workers Wanted A Union. Then The Mysterious Men Showed Up.
The “Barbie” backlash isn’t just cynical: The GOP is abusing its own supporters
Content Moderation’s Legalism Problem
‘I Can Do Things to You With My Voice’: Fifty-one years of acting. Hundreds of roles. One Samuel L. Jackson.
Politicians and pundits say parents are furious with schools. Polls say otherwise.
Texas A&M suspended professor accused of criticizing Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in lecture
Affirmative action for rich kids: It’s more than just legacy admissions
‘No more cover-up’: Nazi concentration camps on Channel Island finally to be officially investigated
Influencers Starting To Realize How The Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA) Will Do Real Damage
The Tiny Lizard at the Center of a Big Oil Battle in Texas
Residents of rich blue towns talk about inclusion, but their laws do the opposite.
Finally Some Campus Cancel Culture
The Justice Department Is Suing Texas Governor Greg Abbott
Why You Have to Care About These 12 Colleges
Doomsday Cult
Greg Abbott and Republican Governors Are Reigniting the Nullification Crisis

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