Links 7/23/23

Links for you. Science:

From UFOs over sick lab workers starting pandemics, to quote mining private conversations among scientists. None of this is surprising – the surprising part is that ‘journalists’ and others keep falling for the same bullshit. So a little context to Slack message
Systemic racism in science: Reactions matter
Mink farming poses risks for future viral pandemics
A global wastewater surveillance program could have stopped the spread of COVID-19, Northeastern researcher says
In remission from HIV, a sixth person could join the club of those possibly cured (also note the section on HIV and circumcision)
Reconsidering the Grand Civic Staircase
Policy Pathways to Combat the Global Crisis of Antimicrobial Resistance
Pandemic Demand for SARS-CoV-2 Testing Led to Critical Supply and Workforce Shortages in U.S. Clinical and Public Health Laboratories
Influential activist Leonard Leo helped fund media campaign lionizing Clarence Thomas
Police Investigating YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson Following Rape Allegations Made by Multiple Women
A lot of outlets have been telling the story of Tony Bennett marching with MLK. But have you ever heard the story about how “wokeness,” DEI, Jesus, an actual anti-racist, 2 church choirs & 1 of the greatest dance moves of all time got Tony Bennett into show biz?
Blue-state doctors launch abortion pill pipeline into states with bans
How this Stanford freshman brought down the president of the university
Judge clarifies: Yes, Trump was found to have raped E. Jean Carroll
“Cry baby scientist”: What Oppenheimer the film gets wrong about Oppenheimer the man
D.C. mayor hopes new police chief, crime bill can spur tangible change (note that Pinto, one of the drivers of the crime bill, misunderstood–or ‘misunderstood’–the crime statistics…)
Arlington reverses use of ranked-choice voting system for fall elections
The CDC is preparing for a winter with ‘3 bugs out there’: Covid, flu and RSV
The hidden way Bidenomics is already weakening Trump’s 2024 hopes
Alabama lawmakers refuse to create 2nd majority-Black congressional district (if Democrats take back the House, then they should refuse to seat the Alabama delegation)
It’s Summer Vacation. Does the Media Know Where Clarence Thomas Is?
Would you take the MBTA if you could drive more easily? Nor would almost anyone else. That’s bad news for the climate.
How Jeffrey Epstein Captivated Harvard
At 84, he’d traveled the entire Amtrak map — except Boston to Brunswick. It was time to finish.
How Urban Alchemy Turns Homelessness Into Gold
Why Trump’s War On EVs May Be A Bigger Threat Than It Seems
Hollywood’s Robot Overlords
JFK’s Grandson Calls Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Campaign An ‘Embarrassment’
Maternal Mortality Is Rising, and Pro-Lifers Don’t Care
An S.B.F. Arm Twist for Crypto’s Bonnie & Clyde
DeSantis Faces Swell of Criticism Over Florida’s New Standards for Black History

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