Links 7/22/23

Links for you. Science:

These Furry Caterpillars Obtained Their Potent Venom From Bacteria
Deep-sea mining could soon be approved — how bad is it?
Evelyn M. Witkin, Who Discovered How DNA Repairs Itself, Dies at 102
In an Ecuadorian Cloud Forest, Two Mycologists Catalogue Hundreds of Fantastical Fungi
Watch out: Swarms of fiddler crabs are haunting Texas beach restrooms
Underground Heat Is Shifting Chicago’s Foundations


The Supreme Court Has a Clear Intellectual Lightweight
Long COVID Is Disabling Kids. Why We Ignore It
In-N-Out confirms anti-mask policy, says workers must communicate ‘with our smiles’
How and Why to Charge Trump First
A Patient’s Right to Masked Health Care Providers
Toxic Posts on Economist Job Website Traced to Users from Elite Universities
Tony Bennett, Master Pop Vocalist, Dies at 96
DC SAFE Unveils New 24-7 Crisis Shelter For Domestic Violence Survivors
Sure Just Type Up Any Nonsense He Comes Up With
Every Third Party Scenario Is Good For Democrats. You can worry about other stuff. But don’t worry about this.
Marjorie Taylor Greene May Have Sent Hunter Biden Nudes to a Bunch of Minors
Oppenheimer Is an Uncomfortably Timely Tale of Destruction: Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster captures the scientific triumphs and monstrous sins of the Manhattan Project.
Barbie’s ‘pornographic’ origin story, as told by historians
Why Is It Still So Hard to Get ADHD Medication?
Netflix Claims Its Password Sharing Crackdown Was A Smashing Success, But…
Decent Imaginaries
The Glibertarian Dream
Sam Bankman-Fried wanted to buy the nation of Nauru to wait out the world’s end
Disturbance In The Force
‘Hollywood is hell’: the incendiary exposé torching the ‘woke’ entertainment industry
‘The Horrible, Juvenile, Frat-Boy Behavior Is Off-the-Charts’: ‘Burn It Down’ Author Maureen Ryan on the Bullies, Creeps and Cosbys of the Comedy World
‘This Is a Really Big Deal’: How College Towns Are Decimating the GOP
Most Now Say Pandemic Is Over, but Normalcy Remains Elusive
RFK Jr. Wants to Make It Easier for Doctors to Spread Medical Lies
The Hollywood strike can and must win – for all of us, not just writers and actors

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