Links 7/20/23

Links for you. Science:

Fossils Where They Don’t Belong? Maybe We Just Didn’t Look Hard Enough.
Friend or foe? Study reveals evolution of controversial human gut microbe
Surveillance for Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in US Children Aged 5–11 Years Who Received Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, November 2021 through March 2022
Why curly hair evolved: an unexpected hero for the brains of early humans
Study shows dogs can detect COVID-19 faster, better than most PCR tests
Antibody Responses to the SARS-CoV-2 Ancestral Strain and Omicron Variants in Moderna mRNA-1273 Vaccinated Active-Duty US Navy Sailors and Marines


COVID-19: Catch up quick. Metrics are increasing, but excess deaths are down.
US flying blind amid warnings of new COVID-19 surge
Israeli antiquities are reportedly at Mar-a-Lago for some reason. Israel would like them back
Black parents preferred school closures during the pandemic. White parents didn’t. (this is hardly news, but suggests most pundits are really ill-informed about the realities of the pandemic)
Donald Trump Is Plotting to Make Himself Dictator: His plan is to make the federal government his plaything, and many Republican elites are behind him.
Running Backs Are Hosed
Heat Wave and Blackout Would Send Half of Phoenix to E.R., Study Says
F.D.A. Approves R.S.V. Shot for Infants
When John Roberts Tried To Take Power From The Courts: The Supreme Court’s chief justice was once eager to strip away power from a liberal judiciary. Now, he’s guarding the high court’s power.
Michigan conservatives launch recalls that would undo Democrats’ new House majority (no reason for Democrats not to retaliate here: find vulnerable Republicans, and target them)
D.C. Democratic Party Pushes To Keep Ranked Choice Voting And Open Primaries Off The Ballot (wouldn’t want Anita Bonds to run in a competitive election…)
It’s A Trap!
Can Democrats Be ‘People-First’ If Their Campaigns Value People Last?
The Great Recession, COVID-19, interest hikes left a 15-year mark on housing
A Dozen Contrarian Thoughts About Inflation
Kennedy and Anti-Semitism: Nothing New Here.
RFK Jr.: A fart-filled argument gives way to an antisemitic conspiracy theory that COVID-19 is an “ethnically targeted” bioweapon
Manufactured Outrage Is Big Business: Republicans believe that stoking their constituents’ rage by inventing controversies wins at the voting booths. So why aren’t news outlets exposing these campaigns of terror for what they are?
The Abortion Justice Act Is the Reproductive Rights Legislation the US Needs
The vulture fund that picked American newspapers apart has a new target
The National Capital Region’s Ultimate Team: The D.C. Breeze
Studios Are Terrified That the Strikes Will Reveal the Truth About Streaming
Hey Republicans (and RFK Jr.): Nobody wants to see you do push-ups: RFK Jr. and other GOP stooges think their fitness videos are impressive, but it’s really quite sad
Trump trial for classified documents theft unlikely to begin before 2024 election
Remember Those Michigan False Electors? They’re Now Facing Felony Charges
How Much Should You Really Spend on a House?
Florida is down so bad

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