Links 7/16/23

Links for you. Science:

Rare dinosaur bone bed discovered in D.C. suburb
Tuberculosis in prisons goes undetected at alarming rates, global data show
Earth is at its hottest in thousands of years. Here’s how we know.
Microbial Primer: The logic of bacterial plasmids (good, brief introduction to plasmids)
Overuse of antibiotics leading to dangerous ‘superbugs’ examined by U.S. Senate panel
Science’s gender gap: the shocking data that reveal its true extent


Testimony of Dr. Kristian G. Andersen, PhD
Warning: A “Convention of States” Is Practicing to Rewrite the Constitution
Don’t Expect Me To Act Like I’m On The Payroll When I’m Not
Just Because Senator Tommy Tuberville Is Stupid Doesn’t Mean He’s Not Dangerous
Clarence Thomas Cited My Work In His Affirmative Action Opinion. Here’s What He Got Wrong.
The End of the New York Times Sports Page Is a Tragedy
Long Island Republicans Block Water Cleanup Effort In Bid To Suppress Democratic Turnout
‘The single biggest threat to the security of the country’: Extremism in the military is alarming experts
A Major Polling Company Is Throwing Its Weight Behind Huge Conspiracy Theories
Watch “Giant” Cats Attack Train Sets at This Quirky Japanese Restaurant
How to Preserve Priceless Documents at the National Archives
Repairing the Roads That Were Built to Divide
How the Atlantis Cleverly Recreates ’80s and ’90s DC
How Can Anyone Object to ‘15 Minute Cities’?
Trone loans himself $10M in financially lopsided Md. race for Senate
U.S. Building More Apartments Than It Has In Decades, But Not For the Poor
Early indicators hint at US COVID-19 uptick
A gay couple ran a rural restaurant in peace. Then new neighbors arrived.
RFK Jr. intends to sue me for defamation for a Daily Kos diary.
Many Gen-Xers facing retirement ‘nightmare’ due to lack of savings: report
Donald Trump inspired a man to go to Barack Obama’s house with guns and explosives. The New York Times ignored it.
The seriousness of Long COVID
New Iowa mailer dubs Trump “Trailblazer for Trans” (Trump isn’t bigoted enough for Republican primary voters…)
Experts panic over Florida tourism as major conventions flee state’s ‘unfriendly political environment’
What Happens When You Ask a Chinese Chatbot About Taiwan?

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  1. hipparchia says:

    thank you for the cats vs model trains!!


    andersen and the other authors also did some lengthy interviews, complete with lawyers; transcripts here –

    oversight committee’s webpage with the hearing and copies of andersen and garry testimony –

    c-span video of the hearing, if you don’t want to drive traffic to the committee’s webpage –

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