Praise the Lord and Pass the (6,000 Rounds of) Ammunition

Someday, I will live in a country where birth control pills can be bought freely over the counter, and you will have to speak to a medical professional to buy ammunition for high-powered rifles. Imagine if you did need a prescription to buy ammo. You might have to answer a couple of questions about why you want 6,000 rounds. Perhaps the doctor might decide it’s in your best interest to discuss all options. If a doctor became a ‘bullet mill’, we could shut him down.

Admittedly, you might run into a medical professional who refuses to let you buy bullets and demands a religious exemption. Could be a problem, but you can always just find another ammunition provider.

Make love, not homicide, baby.

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4 Responses to Praise the Lord and Pass the (6,000 Rounds of) Ammunition

  1. Kaleberg says:

    Is the point that we want to make getting an abortion as easy as buying 6000 rounds of ammunition? (Yes, I’m being silly, but only so silly.)

    • jen says:

      I think the point is more people need to have a psych evaluation more often than not.

  2. brasshat says:

    The point being that it is utterly insane that it is harder to obtain a chemical that prevents ovulation than it is to obtain a heavy metal that prevents metabolism. In a world where someone selling cigarettes to minors would be regarded as immoral we see no difficulty with selling automatic weapons to people who are not actually living in a war-zone.

    Right to bear arms << Right to not be shot by random nut-job. Nut-jobs exist everywhere and may well knife and murder people with their bare hands, but giving them access to weapons designed only and explicitly for harming large numbers of human beings is just plain stupid.

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