Links 7/13/23

Links for you. Science:

These are the oldest stone tools ever found in the United States
Can mushrooms prevent megafires?
How the Octopus Evolved To Taste by Touch
NASA releases spectacular image to celebrate James Webb Space Telescope
Gene editing helped crack a 100-year-old mystery about cancer
Antibiotic Shortage Could Worsen Syphilis Epidemic: The primary drug used to treat the sexually transmitted infection could be scarce into next year, Pfizer warns. (did not know this: “To ward off bacterial infections, military recruits receive Bicillin during boot camp, where the drug is known as the “peanut butter shot” because of its color and consistency. According to Dr. Ryan C. Maves, a professor of infectious diseases at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, recruits otherwise face a high risk of invasive streptococcal infection.”)


The White Media Has Missed a Key Part of the Affirmative Action Ruling: The upshot isn’t just that colleges must end affirmative action but that they’ll have to cut Black enrollment to avoid lawsuits questioning their compliance with the decision.
US congressional hearing produces heat but no light on COVID-origins debate. A showdown over an influential early publication has done little to prepare the country for the next pandemic, observers say.
Man Charged With Acting As a Chinese Agent Has Really Derailed House Republicans’ Big Plans
How DeSantis’s own lawyers accidentally exposed his anti-woke deceit
Over weekend, I read arguably the most important court decision in Facebook’s history so you don’t have to.
Freeze Peach
In defense of Deliverism
US colleges and universities are ‘selling access’ to supreme court justices: Papers show how judges come in regular contact with big donors and have lent the prestige of their position to aid partisan activity
The US supreme court has hijacked American democracy
440 residences next to Takoma Metro station in DC near final approval
Rethinking how we cover the Court
Standard protocol: In a post-Twitter world, Mastodon and Bluesky need to get on the same page
James Comer’s Imaginary Whistleblower Friend, Gal Luft, Was Charged Last November for Lying in that March 2019 Meeting
“Some People’s Opinion”
Right-Wing Websites Connected to Former Trump Lawyer Are Scamming Loyal Followers With Phony Celebrity Pitches
Teens buying ghost guns online, with deadly consequences
Right-wing dating podcast Fresh & Fit embraces Holocaust denial
Say Good-bye to Anchor Steam Beer
Hunter Biden “whistleblower” exposed as a fugitive and accused spy — but MAGA won’t budge
Republicans Are Trying to Cram Their Culture War Gimcracks Into the Defense Authorization Act
Twitter is dying and nothing is going to replace it
Iowa Had a Special Session to Pass a Completely Inhumane 6-Week Abortion Ban
A point of honor
Tucker Carlson’s Twitter interview with Andrew Tate: Elon Musk is really getting desperate
Elite Multiculturalism Is Over: What the loss of affirmative action means to graduates like me
Tax prep companies let Google and Facebook sell ads off your data

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