Links 6/29/23

Links for you. Science:

A COVID-like virus recently leaped from animals to humans—and ‘we can expect more spillover,’ scientists say. Will ‘Langya’ cause the next pandemic?
What’s it like to catch an endangered Florida sawfish?
3 people have acquired malaria in the US. They’re the first in 20 years.
Annoyed janitor turns off super-cold freezer, destroying decades of scientific work and causing at least $1M in damages
How important is ORF9b? More important, I think, than almost anyone has realized. (COVID)
Florida once again has a giant African land snail problem


Moving Past Neoliberalism Is a Policy Project: In order to test whether improving people’s lives can convince them to support Democrats, you have to, well, improve people’s lives.
How Over Is Covid?
Montgomery County Council Inches Closer To Capping New Rent Increases
This Is Your Brain on Altruism
Anti-vaxxer with an explanation: A corollary to the Reasonable Republican thing
No, climate activists are not coming for NYC pizza: The New York Post’s viral “exclusive” on emissions rules for pizza ovens is based on a lie.
A Trump-Era Push to Promote Classical Architecture Is Back (I would argue, though, in the U.S. context, 1950s-1960s modernism is ‘classic’, if not classical)
The Con Artists Who Blame Ukraine Aid for America’s Social Problems
America’s auto-centric infrastructure is hurting our health
Follow the money: No Labels can’t hide its right-wing ties
Behind the Scenes of Justice Alito’s Unprecedented Wall Street Journal Prebuttal
Sorry, Republicans: Nikki Haley can’t make you young again
A.I. May Someday Work Medical Miracles. For Now, It Helps Do Paperwork.
My Hometown Is Getting a $100 Billion Dose of Bidenomics
Samuel Alito’s Wife Leased Land to an Oil and Gas Firm While the Justice Fought the EPA
We’re Number One! (Actually, 38 out of 38)
The Perils of ‘Innovator’ Mindset
Shaken and Stirred: Bowser’s Inner Circle Amid Falcicchio Fallout
Alito Could Deliver Another Ruling For Billionaire Benefactor
The Un-Statesman: For a supposed diplomat, Mike Pompeo really seems to enjoy settling scores.
The pernicious elite obsession with RFK Jr.
Every Supreme Court Justice Should Be Matched With a Billionaire Buddy
How the Shortage of a $15 Cancer Drug Is Upending Treatment
Republicans Declare Banning Universal Free School Meals a 2024 Priority
Homelessness is proof of our failed economic system

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