Links 6/23/23

Links for you. Science:

2023 Warren Alpert Foundation Prize Honors Pioneer in Computational Biology (David Lipman)
Increase of Severe Pulmonary Infections in Adults Caused by M1UK Streptococcus pyogenes, Central Scotland, UK
Should every correlation be published during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Hunting for Antibiotics in Unusual and Unculturable Microbes
Scientists shouldn’t debate gaslighters
Biden administration moves to restore endangered species protections dropped by Trump


Long covid is a big problem and it isn’t going away any time soon.
Just Another RFK Jr. Lie. I Know, Because It’s About Me. I edited Kennedy’s error-ridden piece on a vaccine-autism link, which Salon later retracted. We caved to the truth, not Big Pharma.
D.C. leaders balk at proposed restrictions in federal spending bill (this is why statehood matters)
U.S. reading and math scores drop to lowest level in decades
Will Anyone Challenge Brooke Pinto in Ward 2? Jack Evans Might Be the Only Taker.
Most Americans oppose religious-based bias against LGBTQ people, defying growing wave of restrictions
You Don’t Need To Care About The Stock Market
I-95 Collapse in Philadelphia Didn’t Cause a Traffic Disaster, Data Shows
Indiana Moms for Liberty chapter scrambles to explain why it quoted Hitler in very first newsletter (they just want their ‘people’s space’, I’m sure…)
Dwight’s Glasses
How Local Officials Seek Revenge on Their Hometown Newspapers
Justice Alito’s op-ed is a confession of corruption
Ending Social Security and Medicare is the goal
The Internet Is Already Broken
Give Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss All the Money
Sam Alito Laments It’s Getting So You Can’t Take All-Expense Paid Luxury Vacations Funded By Billionaires Anymore
Law enforcement has a new political boogeyman: youth violence
Beware: we ignore Robert F Kennedy Jr’s candidacy at our peril
Why Democratic officials won’t let a would-be candidate run for the Virginia House (professional Democrats stink at their jobs)
DC is quietly closing more encampments, as residents have fewer places to go
The Faked Epidemic that Saved Hundreds of Lives
Google makes millions on paid abortion disinformation
The Abortion Stories We Don’t Talk About. A year after Roe was overturned, women who were unable to get abortions are giving birth to babies they weren’t prepared to have.
How the activist wave inspired by Ferguson helped free a St. Louis man
Clarence Thomas’ Latest Criminal Justice Ruling Is an Outright Tragedy
Learning to Love Impeachment

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