Links 6/22/23

Links for you. Science:

Scientists on Twitter head for the exit
SARS-CoV-2 and the host-immune response
Association of Culturable-Virus Detection and Household Transmission of SARS-CoV-2, California and Tennessee, 2020–2022
Protection From COVID-19 mRNA Vaccination and Prior SARS-CoV-2 Infection Against COVID-19–Associated Encounters in Adults During Delta and Omicron Predominance
Workforce Trends: The Future of Microbial Sciences
‘Like something out of Jaws’: Netflix film crew report double shark attack in Hawaii (I WOULD LIKE TO FIND OUT HOW A LAND-BASED ALLY CAN SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT)


Corporations Do Not Have Any Rights That We Don’t Give Them. It’s fine to whip them like the robot dogs that they are (excellent)
COVID-19 showed us how to beat poverty
Andrew Tate was never “just trolling”: Sexual violence among teens is rising — no wonder when so many boys idolize an accused rapist and sex trafficker
Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins: “Rape prevents pregnancy”: This is who they want to make decisions about our bodies.
Trump’s confession on Fox News should prompt Democrats to step up
I miss Twitter
Leonard Leo’s SCOTUS-FedSoc Sponsor Family Program: Don’t get hung up on the individual transactional detail. It’s the system of kept, Federalist Society Sugar Justices that is the real story.
It’s time for golfers to seize control of their game
Daniel Ellsberg’s Heroism Began With Listening to the Anti-War Left
Trump isn’t the GOP’s biggest problem. Abortion is.
We Can Do Anything
Conservative Democrats fall by wayside as Virginia incumbents face record primary losses
Garland’s Inaction on January 6 Gave Trump Breathing Room
RFK Jr. is running on his name, because he’s sure not running as a Democrat
Behind the Hunter Biden hype: GOP scramble to keep up the outrage — but they’ve got nothing
Dulles Airport Will Rehab Some Of Its Famous People Movers From the 1960s
House Republicans Want To Ban Traffic Cameras In D.C., Keep City From Legalizing Marijuana Sales
US murder rate declines dramatically in 2023 — but you probably haven’t heard about it
Erie children’s librarians remove all displays after complaint related to Read With Pride
How Economists got Africa’s AIDS Epidemic Wrong
Inside a conservative confab for young women, where feminism is a lie. For the modern MAGA woman, happiness might mean being a ‘trad wife,’ fearing trans women and buying anti-woke tampons (they want to turn women into breeders)
Bosses’ New Task Is Figuring Out Who’s High at Work. With one in six American adults saying they smoke marijuana, companies change how they police use of the drug at work
Documents show how conservative doctors influenced abortion, trans rights
Drone show at the Dragon Boat Festival in Shenzhen, China
MTG Is So Pissed at Lauren Boebert She Called Her a Bitch on the House Floor (I disagree that this is a ‘petty’ fight–they both are vying for leadership of the Krazy Kaukus!)
Trump’s rage at Biden has cornered his GOP rivals. That’s dangerous.

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