Links 6/21/23

Links for you. Science:

A retraction long overdue
This man created our best chance of stopping the next pandemic but now he is under attack. Why? A database holding the genetic codes to the world’s most deadly viruses has fallen victim to petty jealousies and institutional squabbling (it’s weird how none of these stories mention that, in the initial design for GISAID, supported by NCBI (the “GenBank” referred to in the article) at the time, the data were supposed to be made fully public after six months)
Joe Rogan, Elon Musk Instigate Harassment Campaign Against Vaccine Scientist. A Twitter-wide, very intentional freakout over Dr. Peter Hotez sharing a link to a Motherboard story.
No, We Haven’t Lived with Diseases for Millions of Years. They’ve Killed Us.
Strategic Masking to Protect Patients from All Respiratory Viral Infections
Coming out at work: transgender scientists share their stories


Don’t let your guard down: MAGA is still plotting
After Hunter Biden charges, right-wing media immediately move the goalposts (nothing in movement conservatism makes sense except in the light of creationism)
Why Did the FBI Take So Long to Investigate Trump’s Role in January 6? The natural impulse of government institutions is not to complicate themselves.
The Basic Idea of Self-Government Is at Stake: The New York Times has produced a truly scarifying piece of reporting that leaves no doubt what’s at risk in courtrooms right now.
Trump’s only defense is celebrity: When you’re a star, they have to let you do it
It’s an Unqualified Joy to See Justice Gorsuch Uphold Indigenous Rights
Investigation Quietly Released Over Long Weekend Finds Top Bowser Aide Sexually Harassed Staffer
Drag Is a New Conservative Target, But Turns Out, the U.S. Military Loved It
These Langdon Renters Say Their Apartment Building Is Dangerous. Their Landlord Is Suing To Evict Them Anyway
Will Elon Lose Control of Twitter?
Missing Titanic Sub Once Faced Massive Lawsuit Over Depths It Could Safely Travel To
How liberal Seattle created a powerful conservative influencer: Christopher Rufo
Masks ***ARE*** a Fashion Item! In Asia.
Metro Faces $750 Million Budget Gap, Could Lead To Dramatic Service Cuts
Confindustria Presents Imagining the future. Leonardo da Vinci: in the mind of an Italian genius at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library
How Can We Trust What We See?
The WaPo Shows There Should Be More Scrutiny of Steve D’Antuono
World’s First Trans Male Boxer Wins Third fight Over Cis Man
Majority of OB-GYNs believe overturning Roe led to more maternal deaths: Survey
Metro: Massive funding increase needed to avoid ‘catastrophic’ cuts. The transit agency is facing a $750 million operating budget deficit in the 2025 fiscal year because of telework’s effects on commuting
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a threat to your health — and our democracy
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his group have promoted and partnered with numerous QAnon conspiracy theorists
Republicans weren’t really interested in Hunter Biden. Or the truth
Justice Samuel Alito Took Luxury Fishing Vacation With GOP Billionaire Who Later Had Cases Before the Court
Josh Hawley knows better about slavery and Juneteenth. But he just wants to fight

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