Links 6/20/23

Links for you. Science:

Do scientists debate? Not like that they don’t (absolute must-read, accessible to non-specialists)
FDA panel backs monovalent XBB switch for fall COVID vaccines
Support for “doing your own research” is associated with COVID-19 misperceptions and scientific mistrust
The New War on Bad Air
Enterosignatures define common bacterial guilds in the human gut microbiome


FBI resisted opening probe into Trump’s role in Jan. 6 for more than a year. In the DOJ’s investigation of Jan. 6, key Justice officials also quashed an early plan for a task force focused on people in Trump’s orbit (the lefties told you this…)
Do scientists debate? Not like that they don’t (absolute must-read, important enough that I’m sticking it down here too)
Amsterdam shows why the U.S. criminal justice system is a failure
Employer-Government Alliance Asserting Control
Mid-century modern is the style that won’t die. Why there’s just no getting over our obsession with Eames loungers, Saarinen tables and Nelson Bubble lamps (well-made, ‘middlebrow’ decor is popular)
Will Rogue House Republicans Cause A Shutdown? A Guide To WTF Is Going On In Congress Right Now
Bowser former top aide sexually harassed D.C. employee, probe finds
The Long War on Black Studies
Twitter Halts Promotion Of Campaign Video Due To ‘Abortion Advocacy’: “The mention of abortion advocacy is the issue here,” a Twitter employee told North Carolina candidate Rachel Hunt, according to emails HuffPost reviewed. (but Elon is a free speech warrior something something)
An Anti-Vaccine Film Targeted To Black Americans Spreads False Information (in D.C., between May 2021-Mar. 2022, 88% of deaths in D.C. were among Black people; RFK Jr. is a fucking ghoul)
Trump’s Fascist Troops Have Dispersed, Not Disappeared
Just Do It
On American Decline
Impossible To Imagine A Better World
America’s mainstream media still wants to save the GOP — but that’s impossible
Lines Go Straight Up
Many in Japan Still Wearing Masks to Avoid Infection
Solved Problems
American politics is severely distorted by an extremist form of reactionary Christianity which originated in the former Confederacy. And yet this fact is almost never mentioned by mainstream media journalists, even when they are covering the events these people host.
Carmageddon does a no show, again (Philadelphia edition)
Long COVID: Costs for the German economy and health care and pension system

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