Links 6/5/23

Links for you. Science:

Yersinia pestis genomes reveal plague in Britain 4000 years ago
Rapid evolution of A(H5N1) influenza viruses after intercontinental spread to North America
Bacteria Are Vital For the Diversity And For The Survival Of Insects
The next pandemic: How Covid-19 has accelerated the emergence of super-bacteria (hate the term ‘superbacteria’, but still good)
SARS-CoV-2 pandemic severity in Canada and peer nations
The most famous extinction event in the planet’s history is happening again — in Santa Cruz


These Vampires Can Have Everything Except Our Love: Psychoanalyzing the cancel culture panic. (excellent)
Utah district bans Bible in elementary and middle schools ‘due to vulgarity or violence’
This Is Not the End of the Supreme Court’s War on Labor
‘It’s devastating’: Florida questioning Michael Mota after resort’s protected mangrove trees chopped down
Here’s Why Principled Progressives Opposed a Cruel and Destructive Debt Ceiling Deal
Independent pediatric practices are struggling to survive
There’s Never a Debt Ceiling for the Military-Industrial Complex
I went searching for a relative who escaped the Holocaust. I found a secret some want to forget.
Democrats Settled for a Raw Deal. Biden’s concession to the House Freedom Caucus on the debt ceiling is nothing to celebrate.
‘This is Boston’s big challenge’: A new plan to defend downtown against sea-level rise
Don’t Reform the Courts. Disempower Them.
Trump-Appointed Judge Rejects Tennessee’s Anti-Drag Law As ‘Unconstitutionally Vague’
How Should Workers Respond to the Supreme Court’s Ruling in Glacier Northwest?
The Fringe Figure Who Says He’s Advising Republicans On Their Hunter Biden Probe
Dianne Feinstein’s Final Act: The California senator’s return to Congress amounts to a sad end to an illustrious career.
Elon Musk Is A Transphobe: His supposedly “complicated” politics are actually crystal clear.
N.J. Sen. Bob Menendez escaped legal peril once. Can he do it again?
Douglas County judge rules driver in fatal 2021 crash not guilty due to COVID symptoms
Yalta 2023: Planning for Life After the Russian Invasion
An Indiana Inquisition
The Process of Leaving Jordan Peterson Behind
ChatGPT took their jobs. Now they walk dogs and fix air conditioners.
Pandemic Social Spending Was a Remarkable Success That Showed What Authentic Social Democracy Could Be Like
As mpox worries return ahead of Pride, a leather convention offers hope
Of Course We Should All be Working Less
NYC Sheriff Hawked ‘Gimmick’ COVID Protection Just Before Mayor Adams Hired Him

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