Links 6/3/23

Links for you. Science:

Is this Britain’s loneliest rainforest?
Brain fog in long COVID limits function and health status, independently of hospital severity and preexisting conditions
‘Once-in-a-lifetime’: 5 million-year-old ‘elephant graveyard’ found in Florida
Researchers Say It’s Time to Stop Naming Organisms After People
Coordinated surveillance is essential to monitor and mitigate the evolutionary impacts of SARS-CoV-2 spillover and circulation in animal hosts
Multivitamins may help slow memory loss in older adults, study shows


Insurance Politics at the End of the World (excellent)
Why DeSantis is losing Republicans to Trump (they do want the White Christian supremacy though)
There is always more money for defense contractors
D.C. Wants To Cancel $90 Million In Medical Debt. Here’s How It Would Work.
I have a fake personal assistant. It started almost by accident, but for 10 years has made people take me more seriously.
Twitter’s Algorithm: Amplifying Anger, Animosity, and Affective Polarization
Ken Ham is right!
Kevin McCarthy releases the hostage — this time. The debt ceiling deal shows how we can muddle through fascism, at some cost.
The real manhood crisis is conservatives whining about manhood
Rent Control Debate Devolves Into Chaos as Mendelson, Pinto Try to Outmaneuver Progressives
Firearms Classes Taught Me, and America, a Very Dangerous Lesson
The Debt Ceiling Deal Is an “F You” to Poor People
As retailers leave some cities, one grocery chain is trying to stay
How Portland Became Seattle Is Dying: Census Data Suggests Portland Is Doomed, but Smart Economists Know Those Numbers Can’t Be Trusted (Yet)
There’s Unsettling New Evidence About William Rehnquist’s Views on Segregation
The Return of Ryan Gosling
Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s brother rebukes his racist sibling on social media
Smoking Gun: Trump’s Theft of Classified Iran Materials Caught on Tape, May bring him down
Segregation Bill
We Asked Workers Why They’re Not Coming Back to the Office
Left-wing Authoritarianism: Is It Even Real?
Billionaires and the Evolution of Overconfidence
Republicans are spending millions on turnout operations that are deeply flawed, insiders say (in fairness, knocking on Republican doors could get you shot…)
Debt-Ceiling Deal Bought Biden Time at a Terrible Long-Term Cost: What happens the next time Republicans take a hostage?
If Ken Paxton’s Staff Can Do It, Why Can’t Dianne Feinstein’s?
The Capital Jewish Museum Opens on June 9. Take a Peek Inside. It’s the first-ever museum dedicated to the DC area’s Jewish history, and admission is free.

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