Links 5/14/23

Links for you. Science:

Wastewater Genomic Surveillance Captures Early Detection of Omicron in Utah
DNA repair and anti-cancer mechanisms in the longest-living mammal: the bowhead whale
Chinese scientists find ‘suspicious’ feature of coronavirus in the wild
Bigger flowers, greater rewards: Plants adapt to climate disruptions to lure pollinators
Frogs in Puerto Rico croak at a higher pitch due to global heating
De novo evolution of macroscopic multicellularity


DOES Program on Reemployment Is Surprisingly Helpful Despite Agency’s Chronic Problems (important read)
How 6 million D.C. traffic tickets went unpaid (utter failure of governance, combined with Council members and Mayor Bowser being full-bore drivers)
Why are rents still sky-high? Because people ditched their roommates
We Need Empathy, Not Just Etiquette, On The Subway
MLK’s famous criticism of Malcolm X was a ‘fraud,’ author finds
America Has Decided That Homeless People Aren’t People
Yes, the Debt Ceiling Threatens Social Security. Here’s How. We should fear a “compromise” that sells out seniors, kids, and the disabled.
The Drug That Saves Lives Even if It’s Never Used
Is it OK for a Supreme Court justice to accept bagels and lox from her high school friends? Elena Kagan had concerns about a Russ & Daughters gift basket. Meanwhile, Clarence Thomas accepted favors reportedly worth millions
Workers Now Spend Two Full Days a Week on Email and in Meetings
COVID cancels Thursday’s performances of Tina Turner musical (pandemic is over tho)
The Problem with Planned Parenthood: Many abortion providers feel that the organization is too cautious and too corporate—forcing independent clinics to take the biggest risks.
The AI takeover of Google Search starts now
Trump amnesty day?
Murder On Main
COVID-19 emergency isn’t over, and the most ‘painless’ way to prevent it is being ignored, doctors warn
George Santos is a Cheap Crook
This is CNN: After decades of platforming the most virulent racists in America, it’s time to recognize CNN for what it is
Alligator Mating Season is Underway in Florida—and Is Causing Havoc
As COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates End, a Slim Majority of Americans Still Supports Most of Them
Alabama Dems abolish DNC-mandated LGBTQ, youth caucuses (so many professional Democrats are so bad at their jobs…)
Homicides Are Up 9% In D.C. So Far This Year
Covid-19 Patients Flung Out Hospital Windows As Public Emergency Ends
Academia: Sleight-of-Hand
Maryland Supreme Court Ruling Revives First-Of-Its-Kind Digital Ad Tax
Fine, here’s why Trump keeps talking about Biden and Chinatown

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