Links 5/13/23

Links for you. Science:

All Hail the King (of the Termites)
Highly infectious RSV has already struck 5x more people this season, and they’re mostly kids (at some point, lack of previous exposure isn’t a plausible hypothesis…)
Semantic reconstruction of continuous language from non-invasive brain recordings
An Overview of Foodborne Sample-Initiated Retrospective Outbreak Investigations and Interagency Collaboration in the United States
Drug resistance prediction for Mycobacterium tuberculosis with reference graphs
Scientists Might Have Found the Best Way to Catcall a Cat


These 7 radical changes would fortify the U.S. against the next pandemic (very good)
The Republicans Are Worse. That’s Why Democrats Need To Be Criticized. This Isn’t About School Spirit (“…far too many of those [Democratic] electoral wins have come about not because of liberal assertiveness but because the right was such a disaster the only sane option has been the Democrats.”)
Texas mall mass shooter: A familiar tale of the misogyny-to-fascism pipeline
E. Jean Carroll’s Victory Shows the #MeToo Movement Is Far From Dead
Prosecutors rejoice! Trump’s rape trial shows “Teflon Don” is not immune from justice (“…my anxiety was built around a single question: Would some MAGA juror tank the case?”)
What If We Invent The Bus
You *are* the sucker, Dick Durbin edition
Final Solutions
The Official Timothy McVeigh fan club
Timothy McVeigh’s Dreams Are Coming True
Epilogue: Lessons
After the Texas mall massacre, I witnessed a different sort of death
Texas, guns, and stats
For the love of guns: What we all give up so that they can own their lethal weapons
Elon Musk’s obsession with anti-white bias
Guns Don’t Kill People; Nazis Kill People. A slogan the NRA will never adopt.
Striker Will Never Know He Wasn’t Best in Show
Hitler-promoting antisemites will speak at Trump’s Miami hotel alongside Eric Trump, Lara Trump, and other Trump personalities
In Norway, the Electric Vehicle Future Has Already Arrived
A police chief got rid of a neo-Nazi. Then came the hard part.
The Cowardice of the Deficit Scolds
The Texas legislature explores new frontiers of Christian nationalism (misspelled ‘white Christian supremacy’)
Using the Debt Ceiling to Hold the Economy Hostage Has Gone Far Enough
Local D.C. vs. federal Washington (“Biden hasn’t helped D.C. when he could have.” Quelle surprise!)
Congressional staffers wined and dined by NFL at 2023 draft as lawmakers scrutinize pro football
Writers On Set

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