Links 4/1/23

Links for you. Science:

Antibiotics promote intestinal growth of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae by enriching nutrients and depleting microbial metabolites
The data on covid’s origins from the Wuhan market must be made public
Males born to mothers with COVID-19 faced higher risk of neurodevelopmental disorders (paper here)
Intranasal trimeric sherpabody inhibits SARS-CoV-2 including recent immunoevasive Omicron subvariants
Monarch butterflies lose sanctuary in Mexico as climate changes
Future COVID19 surges prediction based on SARS-CoV-2 mutations surveillance


The Limits Of The Billionaire Imagination Are Everyone’s Problem
You Can’t Even Tell Who’s Rich Anymore
Landlords rarely hike the rent by 10 percent. So why do they hate Mayor Wu’s cap proposal? Many fear it would signal a ‘slippery slope’ to something more stringent. (the actual proposal is quite timid)
What Elizabeth Warren, Larry Summers, and Paul Krugman All Got Wrong About SVB
The pipeline of ER doctors is drying up. Hundreds of positions in emergency medicine are going unfilled because of huge structural problems in American health care.
The Anti-Vax Movement and the Medical Freedom Hustle
Medicare’s satanic process: I sent the required e-mail. Two forms were returned in order to begin all over, with many boxes to check. None had the proper CPT codes.
The internet rediscovered Blockbuster’s website. Press play on nostalgia.
TikTok isn’t the only social media company threatening national security. The solution, many experts and members of Congress agree, is to strengthen internet privacy protections to prevent the kind of surveillance and data abuse TikTok critics worry about.
Florida parents upset by Michelangelo’s ‘David’ force out principal
Gannett’s CEO is getting rich by gutting a newspaper near you
Gordon Moore, Silicon Valley pioneer who co-founded Intel, dies at 94
How China takes extreme measures to keep teens off TikTok
America’s online privacy problems are much bigger than TikTok
The Death of Peter Thiel’s “Kept” Romantic Partner Is Being Investigated as a Suicide
6 key takeaways from the Post-KFF survey of transgender Americans
Hating the people who hate Trump is the only force that moves GOP voters
The untold story of Jimmy Carter, his best friend and a murder charge
The High Cost of Being Poor
The GOP gains among ‘voters of color’ are overhyped (religious identity is the best predictor)
Everything you think you know about homelessness is wrong
Americans deserve a better message than ‘Trust us, TikTok is bad.’
’10 Macbooks’ Twitter hack update: Not even Smash Mouth is safe
Bowser and D.C. Council spar over proposed budget cuts
How This State GOP Completely Changed Its Mind On Medicaid Expansion
The sandwich generation is changing. The stress remains.

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