Links 3/16/23

Links for you. Science:

Use of Whole-Genome Sequencing to Estimate the Contribution of Immune Evasion and Waning Immunity on Decreasing COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness
SARS-CoV-2 Can Integrate Into the Genome, Cause Positive Tests
Justin O. Schmidt, Entomologist Known as ‘King of Sting,’ Dies at 75
Antibody Responses to the SARS-CoV-2 Ancestral Strain and Omicron Variants in Moderna mRNA-1273 Vaccinated Active-Duty U.S. Navy Sailors and Marines
Does taking Paxlovid help prevent long COVID? Here’s the evidence so far
Long-term gastrointestinal outcomes of COVID-19


City Life, Culture Wars and Conspiracy Theories (excellent, must-read)
Vikings fashion: they filed their teeth, had female warriors and loved bling
If Biden Really Wants to End Homelessness, He Needs to Support Public Housing
Uh-oh! The crypto collapse has reached the real financial system: Silvergate’s troubles may make it harder to get out of crypto and into dollars.
Fox News Is Trapped by Its Own Zealotry
Both Worse: Understanding DeSantis and Trump
Health System Parasites: Example No. 452
Inside the Suspicion Machine: Obscure government algorithms are making life-changing decisions about millions of people around the world. Here, for the first time, we reveal how one of these systems works.
Rocked By Rising Rents, Montgomery County Weighs Two Very Different Solutions
Florida Takes Aim at the First Amendment
Fix Our Immigration System? First We Have to Get a Grip.
CPAC Was a Janky Half-Empty Trump Convention: This Conservative Political Action Conference lacked both conservatives and action.
Georgia Legislators Are Trying to Head Off the Election Interference Probe at the Pass
Rumored Fed Nominee Thinks Tim Geithner Did Right by Homeowners: President Biden may nominate Janice Eberly, former deputy to the mastermind of America’s foreclosure crisis.
Prospective GOP Presidential Candidates All Tried to Out-Trump Trump at CPAC, Including Trump
Trump, DeSantis, Giuliani: One-Hit Wonders?
‘The future of restaurants’: How kitchen fees are meeting the economic moment
The Insulin Pricing Wars Are Just Getting Started. Don’t let Eli Lilly’s latest P.R. stunt fool you: Private companies shouldn’t be allowed to set prices for these lifesaving drugs in the first place.
As DeSantis makes their child a target, a family decides to relocate her to Massachusetts
There’s Never Been a Better Time to Take on Fox News. As Rupert Murdoch’s brainchild reels from legal disclosures, Democrats have a big opportunity to take their fight against the network right to its airwaves.
Five people are dead at a South Yarmouth nursing home after a COVID-19 outbreak
D.C. Housing Authority withholds fraud allegations from Inspector General
Why Young Thug? How prosecutors made one of the hottest rap stars the face of urban crime.
Highway Ramps Promised To Deliver Chester From Hardship. Residents Are Still Waiting.
Understanding the economic consequences of the covid-19 pandemic
Here’s Proof That Gas Stoves Are Overrated

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