Links 3/14/23

Links for you. Science:

After 15 generations in the radioactive shadow of Chernobyl these dogs may be ‘genetically distinct’
Songbird Feared Extinct Found ‘Hopping Around’ Madagascar Rainforest
Girl who died of bird flu did not have widely-circulating variant
The gray swan: model-based assessment of the risk of sudden failure of hybrid immunity to SARS-CoV-2
Germ-Zapping Lasers Help Cut Down on Infections After Surgery (was this what Trump was referring to?)
Rare Jurassic-era bug found at Arkansas Walmart


Trans Panic Vertical
Student Debtors Need the Supreme Court to Not Be Wildly Unprincipled for a Change
Out Of Touch New York Elites
What’s Behind the Calls for “Democracy” in Israel?
I Promise I’ll Move On Now
Ron DeSantis’s War on Florida Students
Mark Zuckerberg Quietly Buries the Metaverse
The “Uber-ification” of Teaching Will Destroy Public Education
Florida bill would require bloggers who write about the governor and legislators to register with the state
When Will Congress Vote to Condemn The Horrors of Capitalism?
Inside S.B.F.’s “Woke Shit” Influence Scheme
The Beast Within Capitalism
An Obama-Fugees-DiCaprio Legal Riddle for the Ages
Lab can’t leak what it never had. A “lab accident” is not a conspiracy. However, in 2023, all versions of the lab leak theory presuppose a conspiracy
“CSI” Actor Hill Harper Readying a Senate Run
DeSantis appointee to new Disney oversight board suggested tap water could turn people gay
Putin’s Oligarchs Fall in Line
Colds Haven’t Changed. So Why Do They Suddenly Feel So Bad? We all forgot how nasty colds are.
The (not kids anymore) are doing alright (I’m guessing it has more to do with debt than income though)
Assessing the impact of one million COVID-19 deaths in America: economic and life expectancy losses
The Betrayal of Adam Smith: How conservatives made him their icon and distorted his ideas
MS Democratic Party Missed Deadline to Submit Candidates’ Paperwork (professional Democrats suck at their jobs; how does this even happen?)
Goolsbee’s Wife Works at Firm That Helped Pick Him for Fed Job
Most Phone Use is a Tragic Loss of Life
Politically Connected Sports Betting Subcontractor Was Paid Millions But Didn’t Do All The Work
Don’t believe those who claim science proves masks don’t work
House Democrats blindsided as Biden changes tune on DC crime bill

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