31 Percent in the U.S. Still Mask Indoors Outside of Their Homes

And other interesting observations from a recent Gallup poll. You wouldn’t know it if you listened to the rabid anti-maskers, but people, some of us anyway, are still masking indoors:


Also, despite ‘everyone’ having contracted COVID, 65% of American adults think they have had COVID. Even if there are some cryptic cases, that’s not everyone. Again, despite the claims of some pundits, quite a few people have managed to avoid COVID. Meanwhile, Republicans tragically appear to be embracing long-term disability and the death of their elders:


All that said, I’m not really happy with the Gallup questions. In a sense, they seem loaded with the assumption that you’re either curtailing your activities across the board or else cutting loose. I’m avoiding indoor dining and being in indoors with people whom I don’t know without a mask, but I’m doing most other activities while masked: using mass transit, going to museums, working at an office, and shopping. I just wear a mask. There really isn’t a way for Gallup, based on the released questions, to assess that.

I also hope that, at some point, they release geographic data too: I would really like to see how different regions of the country are behaving.

Anyway, we haz dataz.

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3 Responses to 31 Percent in the U.S. Still Mask Indoors Outside of Their Homes

  1. coloncancercommunity says:

    What might be nice to know is whether the group that is still masking is dominated by those at higher risk of bad outcomes. This may sound like it’s obvious. However, it might be a way to measure how the lives of the at-risk population have been permanently changed.

  2. Joe Shelby says:

    I get ‘selective’ – I look at crowd and potential proximities. How likely am I to get close to someone (besides the wait staff).

    Also, having just gotten it and gotten over it a month ago, I know I’m not likely to catch it nor spread it anytime over the next few months. But if there are others masked near me, I will usually put one on just to comfort them, because unlike SOME people, I know it isn’t all about me.

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