Links 3/8/23

Links for you. Science:

Scientists have discovered a new core at the center of the Earth
Your brain could be controlling how sick you get — and how you recover
Pathways to altered virulence of SARS-CoV-2
Wastewater study finds masks prevent COVID-19 in schools (but masks don’t work something something)
Colorado’s Wolf Experiment Will Put Doomsday Fears To The Test
CDC issues warning about rise in highly drug-resistant stomach bug


The Sunshine Imperium: The militarism of Ron DeSantis (DeSantis is worse than you know)
This Democrat has an answer to a lawless judge: Ignore his ruling on abortion
In texts, Youngkin appointee plots ‘battle royale for the soul of UVA’. Cellphone messages offer unfiltered view of Bert Ellis’s fight against giving slavery too much weight in University of Virginia’s story (in my experience, the UVA-associated people who refer to Jefferson as “Mr. Jefferson” are insufferable assholes)
Some Writing Advice
How big Christian nationalism has come courting in North Idaho
The Southern Baptist Convention ousting female pastors shows the Christian right’s radicalization
Bowser lobbies Senate amid worries about losing Dems on D.C. home rule votes
California Puts the Fossil Fuel Industry in the Penalty Box
The Real Problem With Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Call for a “National Divorce”
Going Backwards
Chile’s Battle for Memory: A Report From the Latest Front
Dangerous Truths (100% correct)
New York’s Democratic Party Needs New Leadership, Not More Money
The Devil’s Milkshake
Jackson’s Water System Is Broken by Design
High-skilled visa holders at risk of deportation amid tech layoffs (for tech companies, this is a feature, not a bug)
It’s Time to Talk About Nationalizing America’s Railroads
Giving Up
When Neoliberals Declared War on the Poor
There is No Upside: A comprehensive look at what’s wrong with school vouchers
We are dropping the Dilbert comic strip because of creator Scott Adams’ racist rant: Letter from the Editor
Close Encounters
Years Before East Palestine Disaster, Congressional Allies of the Rail Industry Intervened to Block Safety Regulations
Why The Right Hates Social Security (And How They Plan to Destroy It)
Elon’s Next Big Case: Tesla’s racial harassment imbroglio will call into question the carmaker’s culture and public animosity against its C.E.O. It will also highlight the bravery and temerity of a former elevator operator.
The Cruelty of the “Culture War”
Peace & Gossip in Munich

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