Links 3/6/23

Links for you. Science:

A broad-spectrum synthetic antibiotic that does not evoke bacterial resistance
Comparison of risk factors for SARS-CoV-2 infection among healthcare workers during Omicron and Delta dominance periods in Japan (but masks don’t work something something)
Mud Monsters From Another World: Scientists have just discovered blue crabs doing something VERY STRANGE. (amazing)
Revisiting the Science: Do Masks Stop COVID-19?
We’re Living in an Age of Small Creatures: 340-pound penguins were once normal—and maybe they will be again someday.
Federal journals need transparency policies (this might be the only time I agree with the Manhattan Institute, and, yes, the CDC journals are really bad about this)


How scientists are protecting themselves from COVID-19
To NYT’s Peter Baker, Acknowledging Trans People’s Existence Is “Activism,” Openly Advocating for Perpetual U.S. Occupation of Afghanistan Isn’t. What is and isn’t “activism” depends entirely on how conservative the activism is.
Here’s how “missing middle” homes can tackle high housing costs and traffic in Arlington County
Medicaid expansion is a compassion test many 2024 Republican presidential hopefuls fail
A four-day workweek pilot was so successful most firms say they won’t go back
Mayor Bowser Responds on D.C. Statehood
Pretty Sure I Know Who This Is
There’s A Lot To Be Depressed About
Pretty Sure I Know Who This Is
Fighting the privacy wars, state by state
Encampment sweeps aren’t about ending homelessness
Widening the Gaps: Southern Republicans want to secede, despite the fact that by most measures, life is much worse in conservative states. “Pro-life” laws are only exacerbating the problem.
The Invisible Victims of American Anti-Semitism: If a hateful act doesn’t fit a preset political narrative, the public rarely notices it.
Former Patient Directly Refutes St. Louis Whistleblower’s Allegations
America is turning into India: our coming “caste wars”
I Explained To A Court How California’s ‘Kid’s Code’ Is Both Impossible To Comply With & An Attack On Our Expression
Pupil absences remain above pre-Covid levels (UK)
Vince Gray Bill Aimed at Increasing D.C. Police Force Would Roll Back Accountability Reforms
Flu vaccine worked well in season that faded fast, CDC says
Inside these parents’ long, nerdy struggle over how to improve air quality in Calgary schools: Are portable HEPA filters an answer? Edmonton public schools got them a year ago; Calgary boards aren’t convinced.
Want to hear a funny story about something that happened to me this weekend? It concerns the internet, elephants, and the absurdity of online nostalgia.
The NY Times has published an absolutely reckless and wrong opinion piece by Brett Stephens about a scientific paper he clearly did not read.
Could Mediocre Movies Save Movie Theaters? ‘Ticket to Paradise,’ ‘A Man Called Otto’ and ‘80 for Brady’ Say Yes
Bedbug continues to minimize the pandemic
IRS tech is so ‘archaic’ the agency struggles to find people to work it

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