Links 2/25/23

Links for you. Science:

A Lost Language Translated From Ancient Tablets Reveals Names of Gods in Stunning Find
New Marburg Virus Outbreak Confirmed In Equatorial Guinea
Genomic data “eating the world”
Multi-organ impairment and long COVID: a 1-year prospective, longitudinal cohort study
Wildlife Cameras Show Adorable Native Animals Coming Back To The Anacostia Watershed
Association of COVID-19 Vaccination With Risk for Incident Diabetes After COVID-19 Infection


Why I Signed the NYT Letter (And You Should, Too)
How Deadly Was China’s Covid Wave? Two months after China ended “zero Covid,” rough estimates suggest that between 1 and 1.5 million people died — far more than the official count.
Woman Accused Of Dismembering Lover Attacks Her Attorney In Open Court
DC’s Most Adventurous Record Store Just Opened in Chevy Chase
S.B.F.’s Unsolved Dark-Money Mysteries
Prior to McPherson Encampment Clearing, D.C. Officials Twice Refused Offers of Aid from National Homeless Advocates
I Had Never Heard That Joke!
The Trouble With Sunsets
‘Public humiliation’: Wheelchair-using Denver councilman has to crawl onto debate stage
Why Does Ron DeSantis Want to “Fix” a High-Ranking College? New College, a small public liberal arts school the Florida governor wants to overhaul, already scores well on the Washington Monthly’s college list—and U.S. News’s, too.
A “weaponization of government” trope explainer: Another linguistic ruse by the people who actually want to weaponize government
Republicans Still Suck At Fighting Trump
Remote Work Is Costing Manhattan More Than $12 Billion a Year (or, ‘workers save billions not commuting to work’, but YMMV)
D.C. lacks plan to fight against Congress overturning its laws (Bowser et alia are willing to let Congress do their dirty work; utterly shameful and makes a mockery of the desire for self-determination)
I agree with Blake Stacey (on chatGPT)
South Dakota Passes First Law That Will Force Trans Kids to Detransition. Healthcare professionals will have until the end of the year to stop gender-affirming care for patients under 18. (mark my words, they’ll move on to adults next–they already trying in Oklahoma)
In D.C., Some Parents And Teachers Struggle With Aging Schools That Are Years Away From Being Modernized
Reporter’s dismissal exposes political pressures on West Virginia Public Broadcasting (cancel culture tho)
How Rust went from a side project to the world’s most-loved programming language
Nullifying D.C. laws would be a historic setback for democracy
Junk fees are an issue everyone loves to hate—a home run for Biden
After keeping Disney and Walmart out, rich landowners battle Amazon
Ex-JPMorgan Executive’s Jeffrey Epstein Emails Revealed in Lawsuit Against Bank
In historic vote, New York Senate rejects governor’s conservative nominee to lead state’s top court
Microsoft’s Bing is an emotionally manipulative liar, and people love it” Users have been reporting all sorts of ‘unhinged’ behavior from Microsoft’s AI chatbot. In one conversation with The Verge, Bing even claimed it spied on Microsoft’s employees through webcams on their laptops and manipulated them.

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  1. John says:

    Norton alerted me about this link: Why I Signed the NYT Letter (And You Should, Too)

    Norton gave this alert: “This is a known dangerous webpage. It is highly recommended that you do NOT visit this page.”

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