Links 2/24/23

Links for you. Science:

Many people have a little Neandertal in the brain. Does it matter?
Why Singapore Is Breeding Millions of Mosquitoes
Lynx in France face extinction with population down to 150 adults at most
WHO abandons plans for crucial second phase of COVID-origins investigation
Equatorial Guinea confirms first-ever Marburg virus disease outbreak (this is bad, very bad)
2.9-million-year-old butchery site reopens case of who made first stone tools


Why Mississippi, a Covid Hot Spot, Left Millions in Pandemic Aid Unspent
But (that’s the whole post title)
Polarization of the Rich: The New Democratic Allegiance of Affluent Americans and the Politics of Redistribution
GOP says they won’t go after Social Security or Medicare, but Medicaid is fair game
The truth about Biden, the GOP, Social Security, and Medicare
A New Coven of Bone-Worshipping Morons Is Coming For Dr. Fauci
Handy guide on whether to shoot that thing in the sky
With Illinois Cash Bail Case, Courts May Wall Themselves Off from Reform
Seditionist Donald Trump wants to bring back firing squads—and turn them into an ad campaign
Elon Musk’s latest Twitter tantrum is an attempt to amplify propaganda: The “shadowbanning” myth is a pretext to boost far-right voices on social media — even if people don’t follow them
D.C. opens new housing for homeless, named for a Kennedy, as clearing nears
The Trump-Kushner-Saudi Connection
The G.O.P.’s Long War Against Medicare and Social Security
Trump rigged the federal judiciary against Biden, now Justice is fighting back
Obama’s turncoat antitrust enforcer is angry about the Google breakup
‘You Feel So Violated’: Streamer QTCinderella Is Speaking Out Against Deepfake Porn Harassment
Woman who attacked and beat cookie store owner over mask policy is sentenced to almost 4 years in prison (FAFO)
Nick Jonas Dexcom Super Bowl Ad Prompts $1MM Nonprofit Pledge to “Continue the Conversation”
Republicans Furiously Defend Insurance Company Looting of Medicare: Medicare Advantage is a scam. That’s why conservatives love it.
Biden Administration Proposes Big Change To Benefits For People With Disabilities
Yes, Elon Musk created a special system for showing you all his tweets first. After his Super Bowl tweet did worse numbers than President Biden’s, Twitter’s CEO ordered major changes to the algorithm
So, What Did Everybody Think of Elon Musk’s First Quarter Running Twitter?
Trump Plans to Bring Back Firing Squads, Group Executions if He Retakes White House
Charlottesville Tiki Torcher Killed Himself Before Drug Smuggling Trial
These New York Times Contributors Say The Paper’s Coverage Of Gender Issues Is Hurting Trans People (letter here)

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