Links 1/31/23

Links for you. Science:

Long covid outcomes at one year after mild SARS-CoV-2 infection: nationwide cohort study (note the streptococcal infection data…)
The hunt for a better weather forecast
NIH biosecurity advisers urge tighter oversight of pathogen research
Covid, flu, RSV declining in hospitals as ‘tripledemic’ threat fades
Polar bears could have more dangerous run-ins with people as ice melts
Selective bacteriophages reduce the emergence of resistant bacteria in the bacteriophage-antibiotic combination therapy


War on Empathy
Ex-FBI official arrested for alleged money laundering, Russia sanctions, taking money from former foreign agent. Charles McGonigal allegedly took $225,000 in cash from a former foreign agent while still working for the FBI.
The preposterous premise of the Twitter Files
Priests who lost their faith but kept their jobs
The Gig is Up, and It Feels Weird: The German Minister of Public Health just confirmed what scientists have been trying to tell the world about Covid. (not entirely convinced of the science, but will be interested to see how the world reacts)
COVID is spiking sudden deaths. Not talking about it is supercharging anti-vax conspiracies. (I don’t agree with everything, but the basic point is valid)
The Misery of Being a Big-City Mayor
Data Snapshot: Unnatural Deaths Like Accidents, Trauma, and Overdose Rarely Attributed to Covid.
The Poor Deserve the Least, says a Boston Museum of Science Exhibit
What the ‘Weaponization’ Committee Is Really After: ‘It’s a drug they’re going to put out on the street for conservative media and conservative voters.’
Harry & Meghan in History
The Cult of Bike Helmets
Discarded Housing Authority Commissioners Are Cynical About the Future of the Agency
Tiny Little D.C. Has More Green Buildings Than Most States
America’s Obsession with Its Guns Is a Sickness
Northwestern vs. Minnesota, 1936
The #DavosStandard safe air should be for all of us
Biden was sloppy with classified documents. That’s not great, but it’s nothing like what Trump did
Why Do Republicans Want to Kill Their Voters?
In blocking an AP Black studies course, DeSantis tells us who he is
The Federalist Society’s Lackeys on the Supreme Court Aren’t Hiding their Stripes
A year in, how has Biden done on pandemic response? (since Zients is going to be the new Chief of Staff)
The Red Queen’s Race, Neoliberalism & Why Healthcare Is Being Privatized
The Wingnut Extended Universe
Relationship between Telework Experience and Presenteeism during COVID-19 Pandemic, United States, March–November 2020
Senate Democrats Should Offer Some Real Perspective on Biden Docs—or Stop ‘Helping’

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