Links 1/28/23

Links for you. Science:

Highly pathogenic avian influenza A(H5N1) virus infection in farmed minks, Spain, October 2022
The Black Death May Not Have Been Spread by Rats After All (paper here)
Bears were mysteriously missing toes. These scientists cracked the case.
Trying to Stop Long COVID Before It Even Starts
Gas stoves can harm your health — and scientists have known that for decades: While the fierce political debate over gas stoves may be new, the science behind it is not.
SARS-CoV-2 variant biology: immune escape, transmission and fitness
Surveillance of 16 UK native bat species through conservationist networks uncovers coronaviruses with zoonotic potential


The Pundits Are Wrong About D.C.’s Crime Bill: A cynical freakout stretching from Fox News to the Washington Post is utterly bogus.
The science (and business) behind COVID-19 disinformation. And what to do about it.
Now George Santos Seems to Think He Appeared on ‘Hannah Montana’
NBC’s Tony Dungy is out here spreading unhinged conspiracy theories. Months after it was debunked, former Indianapolis Colts HC tweets that schools are putting litter boxes in bathrooms
See How Texas’s Big-city Skylines Have Changed Over the Past Half Century
The Father of the Abortion Pill: The 96-year-old scientist who came up with an idea for an “unpregnancy pill” decades ago has led an eventful life, from his teenage days in the French Resistance to his friendships with famous artists.
The end comes soon: Drums, drums in the deep
Does Dobbs violate the establishment clause? (I’m including this partly because Marcus is wrong about Jewish law: there are situations where abortion is not only permitted, but considered to be the ethical choice)
The Lawsuit That Could Freeze Speech Against Billionaires
Was leaking the Dobbs opinion the perfect crime? It sure looks that way.
Harvard Reverses Course After a Nation Exposé
Boston’s ‘Embrace’ holds fast to the whitewashed view of MLK
Tony Dungy Is a Right-Wing Zealot and the NFL and NBC Don’t Care
Fingerprint gunk and arm fatigue: Are touch-screen laptops a good idea?
Did Twitter Let Trump Post His Way Into a Coup?
The mysterious art of Amsterdam’s ‘Unknown Sculptor’
Why Is Governor Kathy Hochul Waging War on Her Own Party?
A teacher shortage so acute that students are expected to learn without one
‘Constitution Loving’ Capitol Rioter Flunks Basic Bill Of Rights Question At Trial
In Omaha, a streetcar named undesirable by Warren Buffett
Iowa GOP Moves To Stop SNAP Users From Buying White Rice, Fresh Meat And More
Facing early pushback, Michelle Wu says her rent control proposal strikes proper balance
6 Years Before George Santos, Trump’s Endless Lying Made Him President
‘Holding on by its fingernails.’ The biotech industry in Massachusetts braces for another tough year.
Democrats Are Mounting A Push To Expand Voting Rights After Big State-Level Midterm Wins
GOP grandstanding on the IRS

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