Links 1/26/23

Links for you. Science:

Cooperative hydrodynamics accompany multicellular-like colonial organization in the unicellular ciliate Stentor
When M.D. is a Machine Doctor
Risk of debilitating illness from long Covid could grow – epidemiologist Michael Baker
Codetections of Other Respiratory Viruses Among Children Hospitalized With COVID-19
‘Extinction crisis’ of sharks and rays to have devastating effect on other species, study finds
Lab-leak fears are putting virologists under scrutiny


New research about gas stoves ignited intense online debate last week about the politics of regulating American homes (dull title, excellent piece with bonus Yglesias dunking)
New Mexico shooting suspect shows Republicans seek a violent solution to rejection. From the Big Lie to Twitter to their families, Republicans refuse to peacefully admit that they’re unpopular
The Supreme Court’s sham leak investigation exposes John Roberts as a partisan hack: The Supreme Court still does not deserve our trust
When It Comes to Twitter, Mainstream News Outlets Should Take a Cue From Fox News. Seriously.
Nurses Are Burned Out and Fed Up. For Good Reason.
Elon Musk’s Appetite for Destruction
Asymmetrical Conspiracism Is Hurting Democracy
I Hate Everybody
You’re Not Negotiating “in Good Faith” When You’ve Got a Gun to the Economy’s Head
The Priesthood
Kathy Hochul gives multi-billionaire $850 million in state money because reasons
Can somebody heighten this contradiction?
The Calls for More Progress on Space Governance Are Growing Louder
Biden should stop worrying and learn to love the platinum coin (yes, he should)
Former smol synagogues
America, the Bland: Across the country, new developments are starting to look the same, raising fears that cities are losing their unique charm. But in the current housing crisis, does that matter?
Speaking of Riding the Bus, Uh
Supreme Court to Poor People: Have You Tried Being Less Poor?
The Enduring, Invisible Power of Blond
Elon Musk Can’t Solve Twitter’s ‘Shadowbanning’ Problem. For several years, social-media users have expressed anxiety about algorithmic suppression. Now they’re getting some unexpected clarity.
Behold the Full, Completely Real Resumé of George Santos. OK, it’s hard to say “full” when there are new items dropping every day. But here’s what we’ve got so far.
My conversation with Brazilian Drag Queen Eula Rochard
What the Supreme Court Left Out of Its Dobbs-Leak Report: Did they talk to Alito? Who can say?
Why does Tucker keep identifying fascists and violent insurrectionists with ordinary conservatives?
Blue states can show us a way out of red state culture-war madness

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