Links 1/12/23

Links for you. Science:

Infectiousness of SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infections and reinfections during the Omicron wave
Melibe viridis feeding with its expandable net-like oral hood
Global diversity and antimicrobial resistance of typhoid fever pathogens: insights from 13,000 Salmonella Typhi genomes
This wildlife rehabilitator rescued over 1,600 bats during Houston cold snap
Estimate says 19 million US adults have long COVID
Why Not Mars


9 Pandemic Narratives We’re Getting Wrong (the first one is critical)
FTX Convinced Poor People Their Money Was Safe in Crypto. It Wasn’t.
Some Good Covid News From France
Why Are So Many People Dying? Reaping the Anti-Vaxx Whirlwind.
The day of January 6th: Just a reminder
Zero Masks on the House Floor is the Ultimate Republican Victory (genuinely curious to find out how many House members come down with COVID in the this week)
Walgreens executive says ‘maybe we cried too much last year’ about theft
How Britain became a gerontocracy
Tracked, detained, vilified: How China throttled anti-covid protests
A New Member Of Congress Explained Why He’ll Swear His Oath Of Office On The US Constitution With A First-Edition Superman Comic
Judge Deals Blow To Lawsuit Seeking To Overturn Gun Ban On Metro In D.C.
Video Game Testers From Rockville Form Microsoft’s First Union
After the hoopla, all that’s left is the NFL’s violence
What the heck does ‘weaponizing the federal government’ even mean?
On broken brains, a broken system, and burning it all to the ground
Even When They Get the Chance to Re-do an Election, Republicans Manage to Muck it Up
The GOP-Speaker-Vote Burlesque: Whether McCarthy wins or loses is irrelevant.
Why fearmongering about deficits might be losing its sting
Why everyone is going to need a heat pump
The GOP Is More Ungovernable Than Ever Before
A family finds swastikas in the lawn as antisemitism surges
Oklahoma Could Force Trans People Under 26 Years Old To Detransition Medically
Move on from COVID? Child care disruptions continue
FTC Proposes Rule to Ban Noncompete Clauses, Which Hurt Workers and Harm Competition. Agency estimates new rule could increase workers’ earnings by nearly $300 billion per year
Long COVID Stemmed from Mild Cases of COVID-19 in Most People

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