Links 12/12/22

Links for you. Science:

Immunity’s down. Infection rates are up. And what happened to everyone’s masks?
SARS-CoV-2 Serology and Self-Reported Infection Among Adults — National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, United States, August 2021–May 2022
RNA-Based Therapeutics and the Future of Clinical Medicine: A Promising Part of the Emerging Story
‘Shark Week’ lacks diversity, overrepresents men named Mike, scientists say (AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH BIOLOGISTS NAMED MIKE, I ASK YOU?)
Paleontologist accused of faking data in dino-killing asteroid paper
New Research Shows Where D.C.’s Cats Are Most Deadly To Native Wildlife


Why Workers Are Up in Arms Over the Biden Rail Strike Intervention
Face masks may return amid holiday ‘tripledemic’ of covid, flu and RSV. Health experts say a quality medical mask remains a highly effective line of defense against respiratory viruses
Metro Budget Proposal: Low-Income Fare Program, Eliminating Peak Fares And Increasing Service
We forgot to fix unemployment insurance yet again
51 is a magic number for Senate Democrats, and the country
Limits of ‘Fauci effect’: infectious disease applicants plummet, and hospitals are scrambling
Save Your Brain: Don’t Watch TV on Election Night
Why Is Everything So Ugly? The mid in fake midcentury modern
What patients find at long COVID clinics: rejection, outdated therapies, and unanswered questions
The incredibly unsubtle Amy Coney Barrett response that should worry LGBTQ Americans
D.C. Domestic Workers May Soon Have Employment Protections Under New Bill
Dozens detained in Germany on suspected plot to overthrow government: Prosecutor
Leadership, waitlists, vouchers: Unpacking key findings in HUD’s DCHA audit
Ending COVID-Vax Mandate Would Divide Troops into Two Classes, Navy Secretary Says
Biden Is Putting South Carolina First. I Won’t Vote for That. (make North Carolina first)
WMATA is a laggard on electrifying buses
Extremists appear emboldened to show up armed to LGBTQ events around the country
Why Isn’t the U.S. Embracing This Pandemic Prevention Strategy?
Youth Gun Violence Activists Can’t Be Asked to Save the World
What Are The Twitter Files, And Do You Need To Care About Them?
Should House Democrats release Trump’s taxes?
D.C. Council Passes Solar Expansion Bill That Divides Solar Advocates
Kathy Griffin: I Was Planning To Quit Twitter Before Elon Musk Banned Me

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