Links 11/6/22

Links for you. Science:

Pfizer, BioNTech report new Covid booster is more protective against recent Omicron variants than original vaccine
The Insect Apocalypse Is Coming to Your Neighborhood
Observing many researchers using the same data and hypothesis reveals a hidden universe of uncertainty
In Spain’s La Rioja, old vines could future-proof wine against climate change
Israeli long COVID study: 1 in 3 people fail to regain regular health months later
Fauci says U.S. is at a ‘crossroads’ as COVID kills 2,600 a week and new Omicron variants bloom with winter coming soon


Doug Mastriano’s Prophets In Pennsylvania. A shocking weekend with the supporters of the nominee for governor — full of swords, demons, and wild prophecies — shows the theocratic future of the GOP. (it’s not the future, it’s the present)
How education culture wars have shaped the midterms
How to Find Your Twitter Friends on Mastodon
As Musk reshapes Twitter, academics ponder taking flight. Many researchers are setting up profiles on social media site Mastodon
How Musk’s takeover might change Twitter: what researchers think. Extremists could flock back to the platform under the guise of ‘free speech’ — and researchers are gearing up to study their impact.
Is social media like a newspaper or a telephone? The answer has big implications
Two early US programs successfully traced COVID case contacts (papers here and here)
How a pro-Trump youth group remade the Arizona GOP, testing democracy. Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point network worked to purge officials who affirmed the 2020 election results (unlike the left, they actually punish the moderates…)
A specter rises from the rhetoric of the 1970s: Scary NYC subways
Is the cure for inflation worse than the disease? (“…the right-leaning Washington Post editorial board.”)
NBC retracts erroneous Paul Pelosi story that fueled conspiracy theories
Make No Mistake, the Supreme Court Will Kill Affirmative Action
Israel’s endless campaigning is over. Now, the real political fight begins.
Get Ready for the Coming Impeachment of Joe Biden
How Zeldin’s tough talk on crime in New York could lead to more of it
Voter Suppression Is Keeping Students From the Polls
‘Not a tweep anymore.’ Twitter layoffs likely to exact an emotional toll.
These Republicans Have a Plan: Rig Things So They “Never Lose Another Election”
They traded Twitter for Mastodon Social. Now what?
Why Is AIPAC So Desperate to Defeat Summer Lee?
How Republicans have prevented mail ballots from being counted earlier
Kyrie Irving and the Fraught History of Our Collective Liberation
Why is there so much bad football in the NFL?
A Colorado Senate Race Tests The Appeal Of Progressive Populism. Running against Republican Joe O’Dea, a construction CEO critical of Donald Trump, Sen. Michael Bennet has emphasized economic policy differences.

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