Links 11/5/22

Links for you. Science:

Crows Perform Yet Another Skill Once Thought Distinctively Human
Increased Detection of Carbapenemase-Producing Enterobacterales Bacteria in Latin America and the Caribbean during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Long COVID Risk and Pre-COVID Vaccination: An EHR-Based Cohort Study from the RECOVER Program
Rats Are Invasive Menaces. These Cameras Spy on Them
Effectiveness of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine booster doses against Omicron severe outcomes
‘This Is Our March 2020’: Children’s Hospitals Are Overwhelmed by R.S.V.


Old Dog won’t stunt (excellent)
A Withdrawn Ukraine Letter and the Progressive Debate About Biden’s Foreign Policy
Proposals To Tweak D.C.’s Free Residential Parking Face Questions In D.C. Council
A passive media will be a ‘contributing factor’ on U.S. democracy’s death certificate
Hollow City
Retro Birchers. Forward into the past with the new old Right
Why can’t the Democrat Party replicate the smashing success of Péter Márki-Zay?
Why the right keeps telling awful lies about the Pelosi attack
Compromising On Race
Joe Rogan Admits He Lied About Schools Using Litter Boxes
Why Do People Who Don’t Like Politics Hold the Fate of the Country in Their Hands?
What Does Kyrie Irving See in Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories?
The Attack on Paul Pelosi Has Unmasked the G.O.P.
The fash whisperer. Listening to the soft, senile voice of Peggy Noonan
Has Anyone Told the Brooklyn Democratic Party There’s an Election Next Week? (professional Democrats suck at their jobs)
Metro Wants To Fix ‘Ghost Bus’ Issue, Clear Car-Filled Bus Lanes
Side Hustle: A Well-Paid D.C. Government Employee Has Been Running A Private Business That Intersects Directly With Her Day Job
D.C. bike lane plan splits residents, businesses as city’s network grows (part of the issue is that these actually are lower density areas and they do need some parking–many of their customers aren’t walking)
A Closing Argument for Democracy. The president defends American institutions, but it might be too late.
Trump Org Suddenly Settles With Protesters Beat Up by Its Security Guards
The three reasons American elections are always so close
Big Tech’s Algorithms Are Built With Invisible Labor
Algorithms Quietly Run the City of DC—and Maybe Your Hometown. A new report finds that municipal agencies in Washington deploy dozens of automated decision systems, often without residents’ knowledge.
ANC 1B Officially Censures Commissioner (what he did should be illegal)
Older, White and Wealthy Home Buyers Are Pushing Others Out of the Market

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