Links 10/28/22

Links for you. Science:

Phage-Plasmids Spread Antibiotic Resistance Genes through Infection and Lysogenic Conversion
Omicron-adapted vaccines might require longer follow-up to reveal true benefits
RSV is filling children’s hospitals. We need a vaccine for it. (and, in the meantime, wear a mask and wash your hands)
What it looks like as drought strangles the mighty Mississippi
Most Hospitalized Monkeypox Patients in the U.S. Were H.I.V.-Positive. “Monkeypox and H.I.V. have collided,” a C.D.C. researcher said.
Emergence of SARS-CoV-2 escape mutations during Bamlanivimab therapy in a phase II randomized clinical trial


Staring down the Twitterpocalypse: Some predictions on what happens from here
May God Save Us From Economists
Open Embrace of Anti-Semitism
Why Elon Musk’s Idea of “Free Speech” Will Help Ruin America. Twitter without content moderation—and with Donald Trump and others reinvited—means that lies and disinformation will overwhelm the truth and the fascists will take over.
A state small enough to fit in your uterus
We’re Not Perfect, But Imagine What Garbage Other People Must Be
New Woman Alleges Herschel Walker Urged Her to Have Abortion
Hundreds of riders hurtle down an icy cliff and crash into one another at the Mountain of Hell” downhill bike race.
I have a theory that an old 2000-era website accidentally destroyed the world, and I’m dead serious about it. Facebook and YouTube both began as straight-up copies of this site, both looking to take advantage of a phenomenon that breaks the human brain
Fetterman’s Debate Performance Showed the Door to the Elephant in the Room
Biden officials worry pandemic exhaustion could lead to bad covid winter (somebody else do something!)
Republicans are setting the stage for vigilantes to disrupt elections and sow distrust of outcome
Sunak Has Been Set Up To Fail and the Likelihood Is That He Will
Even Worse
A woman was arrested for feeding homeless people in Arizona. Now she’s suing the city.
What If I’m The Only Sane One
Many Bars And Restaurants Not Reporting Wage Data, Says Report, But D.C. Also Isn’t Making It Easy
How Elon Musk Could Actually Kill Twitter. There’s more than one way to sink a social network.
You’re Not Imagining It: There Are Fewer Polls This Cycle. And a larger share come from partisan sources. (mostly Republican polls)
Uline’s billions fund voter suppression
How Rep. Matt Cartwright, A Progressive Democrat, Survives In Trump Country
How 2016 and 2020 broke political reporting and forecasts
Look Inside The Rubell Museum, D.C.’s New Modern Art Museum Opening This Weekend
Why I’m taking the bad faith debate over Fetterman’s health so personally. While aphasia is often temporary and can sometimes be cured, it’s less clear that shaming can.

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