Links 10/26/22

Links for you. Science:

A booster is your best shot now
Effectiveness of mRNA booster vaccination against mild, moderate, and severe COVID-19 caused by the Omicron variant in a large, population-based, Norwegian cohort
Genetic diversity and evolutionary convergence of cryptic SARS- CoV-2 lineages detected via wastewater sequencing
Distinguishing SARS-CoV-2 persistence and reinfection: A retrospective cohort study
Excess risk for acute myocardial infarction mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic
New vaccine roadmap eyes future threats of coronaviruses (would like to see people exploring adding nucleocapsid protein to COVID vaccines)


Kanye West’s antisemitic rants are the tip of a much longer spear
Youngkin Vows Virginia Won’t Follow The CDC’s ‘COVID Vaccine Mandate.’ But That Mandate Doesn’t Exist
Not Everyone Should Have a Say. To speed up permitting for energy projects, we’ll need to rethink community input.
How to Help People Vote in the 2022 Midterm Elections
Could The End Of The Dan Snyder Commanders Dynasty Be Approaching?
Silverman Wraps Racine in a Bear Hug as At-Large Race Enters Final Stretch
Tackling Office Buildings’ Biggest Pollution Source: Commutes To and From Them
Cry Us a River: The Calamity of I-277 in Charlotte—And How We Could Undo It
Attack Ads Are Darkening the Skin Tone of Black Candidates. While those responsible claim innocent technical problems, the larger pattern is consistent. So is the effect: heightened white racial anxieties. (The Bulwark discovers what Democrats have known for decades…)
The Stunning Shepherdess Walk Mosaics
Fencing Can Be Six-Figure Expensive, but It Wins in College Admissions
The Rent Is Still Too Damn High: Catching Up With Jimmy McMillan
The Quiet Insurrection the January 6 Committee Missed
Plywood Gourmet: How thousands of restaurants speedily, messily, and probably permanently took over the street.
A Former Facebook Manager Started America’s Top New App
Addlepated Conservative Pundit Keeps Throwing Around the Term “Thoughtful Conservative” as if It Means Something
NYC students took hit in math, gained slightly in English, during pandemic
Female bodybuilders describe widespread sexual exploitation
Tucker Carlson Lashes Out at Washington Post Writer Asking About Alleged Nepotism Surrounding Son: ‘Go F*** Yourself’
On the campaign trail, Republicans ramp up anti-science, anti-Covid, often anti-Fauci messaging
Parking Math
Universal Basic Income Has Been Tested Repeatedly. It Works. Will America Ever Embrace It?
Uncle Milton

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