Links 10/22/22

Links for you. Science:

New rules for genomics-informed COVID-19 responses–Lessons learned from the first waves of the Omicron variant in Australia
You See a Venomous Black Widow. These Lizards See a Snack.
Estimating SARS-CoV-2 transmission in educational settings: A retrospective cohort study (but Emily Oster told us…)
‘The Rage Would Come Out of Nowhere’: Personality Change Has Emerged as a Symptom of Long Covid
As Links to MS Deepen, Researchers Accelerate Efforts to Develop an Epstein-Barr Vaccine
The Bivalent Shot Might Lay You Out. But double the spike proteins doesn’t mean double the fevers and chills.


What if We Let Majoritarian Democracy Take Root? (excellent)
The Hijab Is a Symbol. The Protests In Iran Are About So Much More.
The Federal Reserve Is Coming For Your Next Raise
The ‘most important person’ on Kari Lake’s campaign mocked Native Americans in racist tweet
Let the Irish Run the U.K. until the English Can Get This Omnishambles Together
People Still Aren’t Getting the New COVID Booster. Experts Say They Aren’t Surprised.
The Adderall Shortage Is Just the First Major Shortage (not sure it’s the first, but it’s noticeable)
America’s Trumpiest court just declared an entire federal agency unconstitutional: The Fifth Circuit’s opinion in Community Financial v. CFPB is completely incoherent.
What Happened to Liz Truss Can’t Happen Here. The prime minister’s downfall shows that British democracy is still working. American dysfunction is far worse.
Liz Truss Resigns as Britain’s Era of Brexit Delusion Reaches Its Apex
Metro: Continued Sidelining Of 7000-Series Trains Could Push Silver Line Opening Past Thanksgiving
Metro blames regulator for possible Silver Line delay, crowding as tension grows
Mary Cheh Is Steaming After Anita Bonds Neutered Her Bill Aimed at Combating Senior Hunger (holding my nose and bullet voting Silverman–Marshall has no opinion on key issues, including the tipped minimum wage)
How the pandemic has shaped commuting in the D.C. area
OAG Announces Historic Settlement in Housing Discrimination Lawsuit
The mystery of the missing anti-MAGA majority
What Difference Does It Make If Spending Is Over One Year or Forty? None to the New York Times
The Right’s Religious Liberty Agenda Is on a Collision Course With Labor Law
The U.S. Thinks ‘It Can’t Happen Here.’ It Already Has.
L.A. Backstory: The History Behind the City Council’s Racist Tirades
Half of Virginia high school out with ‘flu-like’ symptoms
How an urban myth about litter boxes in schools became a GOP talking point
Why Oregon’s Herschel Walker Could Win: After trouncing crypto’s golden boy, Andrea Salinas stares down scandal-plagued millionaire Mike Erickson.
A high school student’s mural angers parents over what they say are hidden messages (movement conservatism is a mass communicable psychotic break)

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2 Responses to Links 10/22/22

  1. hipparchia says:

    covid boosters? i tried a couple of times to read the article but smoke kept coming out of my ears…

    yeah, messaging isn’t so hot, but kids are back in school (required), workers are back in the office (required), requiring people to wear masks is verboten, wearing a mask of your own accord is uncivil, covid shots and covid tests and covid care all cost money now, ba 4 and 5 are on the wane and being replaced by the ba eleventy-ones (and nobody’s really keeping track anyway). and are they really going to have the new booster ready when they say they will, and will the new booster be available only to people in “high risk” groups …

    i wavered back and forth for a couple of weeks at the end of the summer, do i get a full dose now of the likely-gone-for-good wild type or a half-dose later of the possibly-soon-to-be-gone omicron?

    the deciding factor: kids are germ factories, i got the old school wild type at the beginning of the school year. i may get the new tailor-made booster in december or january. or not.

    and to top it all off dr fauci is retiring in december. we are doomed.

  2. I really feel for that kid who created that mural. What a way to shut down a kid’s creativity. Hopefully a healthy F-U factor will kick in & the art will continue forevermore.

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