Links 10/19/22

Links for you. Science:

The Masks We’ll Wear in the Next Pandemic
Long covid may set you back a decade in exercise gains. Scientists say that exercise intolerance should now be considered a new symptom of long covid
Emmanuel, TikTok-famous emu, fights for life amid deadly bird flu crisis
Alpha to Omicron: Disease Severity and Clinical Outcomes of Major SARS-CoV-2 Variants
Missing science: A scoping study of COVID-19 epidemiological data in the United States
A man who lost 80 pounds on a ‘game changer’ weight-loss drug also lost his desire to drink alcohol. Experts say the drug could be a treatment for addiction.


Original Subway Planned for Downtown D.C. in 1912
Republicans could have helped Democrats save the lives of diabetics. They refused
Reward Demagogues, Get More Demagogues. Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s split from the Democratic Party tells us something — about Republicans.
Trump Was Betrayed by His Diet Coke Valet
Michelle LaRue Believes The Right To Good Health Should Not Depend On A Person’s Income
To Keep the Water in the Rivers, Biden’s Plan is All-American: Capitalism
Phantom Forests: Why Ambitious Tree Planting Projects Are Failing
Mike Lee’s Pocket Constitution Doesn’t Explain Why He Begged the Trump White House for Election Denial Lines
Will the GOP condemn Trump’s latest antisemitic remark? Of course not.
America Has a Long History of Fumbling Its Democracy
The Incredible Mystery of How Trump Got Judge Cannon in the Mar-a-Lago Case
Technology that lets us “speak” to our dead relatives has arrived. Are we ready?
The “Litter Box in Schools” Lie Is a Litmus Test for Idiots
What Republicans Really Thought on January 6
Kennedy Center Drops Mask Requirement For Visitors, Staff Members
Preparing for Republican Debt Blackmail
COVID jabs for kids: they’re safe and they work — so why is uptake so patchy?
The Art of the Self-Deal. It’s nice work if you can get it—only it’s not work, and you can’t get it.
In New York, Masks Will Not Be Required at the Opera or Ballet. Many arts groups, worried about alienating older patrons, have maintained strict rules. Now “the time has come to move on,” one leader said.

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  1. dr2chase says:

    Still getting by using a reusable mask with a sewn-in non-electrostatic filter. Stops the smell of smoke, of frying food in woks, and hot french fries (or rather, it blocks the smoky parts of the smell, which makes them all smell really weird). Use alcohol and/or boiling water to clean them.

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