Links 10/2/22

Links for you. Science:

Lake Erie’s Failed Algae Strategy Hurts Poor Communities the Most
Can we clean Covid from the air around us?
Effectiveness of a Second COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Dose Against Infection, Hospitalization, or Death Among Nursing Home Residents — 19 States, March 29–July 25, 2022
Children’s winter viruses strike early, filling ICUs
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey, UK: 30 September 2022
Our Cancers Are Filled With Fungi. New research shows that many cancers play host to their own unique microbiomes of fungi, which may affect our chances of surviving them. (hopefully, this isn’t due to contamination issues etc.)


The Pandemic’s Legacy Is Already Clear. All of this will happen again. (must-read)
Thousands were released from prison during covid. The results are shocking.
How “religious freedom” became a right-wing assault on equality and the rule of law
Elon Musk’s Texts Shatter the Myth of the Tech Genius
The joyful and planet-friendly mobility of e-bikes
The Supreme Court May Soon Gut What’s Left Of The Voting Rights Act
After 150 years, Arnold Arboretum has cracked the color code
NPR is Not Your Friend (solutions are kinda not great though)
I finally biked to work. Was it worth it? (having a regular op-ed columnist who uses mass transit and biking to get to the office makes such a difference)
Financial BS Generator
The state can ease its housing problem by building more starter homes
Why You Hate Your Job
Panic, Bribes, Ditched Cars and a Dash on Foot: Portraits of Flight From Russia
JR Majewski, heir to white power, deserves ‘democratic contempt’
Bruce Willis Sells Deepfake Likeness Rights So His ‘Twin’ Can Star in Future Movies
Putin’s Male Fragility
Democrats were right to ‘interfere’ in GOP primaries
Medical industry donations pour in for Texas AG Ken Paxton, other abortion ban supporters
What Americans Don’t Understand About Teachers and Professors
Why Would Putin Sabotage Nord Stream?
Putin Is Trying to Outcrazy the West
How San Francisco (?!) Helped Give Birth to Modern American Fascism. Remember Dan White? He was the Kyle Rittenhouse of his day. No wonder Tucker Carlson loves him.
Young and Homeless in Rural America
Pennsylvania Lawmakers Prepare to Impeach Larry Krasner
What’s so scary about a transgender child? Stop worrying about what happens if we let kids transition. Worry about what happens if we don’t.

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