Links 9/17/22

Links for you. Science:

Long COVID Was a Preventable Tragedy. Some of Us Saw It Coming
NASA Breakthrough as Rover Finds Strong Signal of Organic Matter on Mars
Cracking the Case of the Giant Fern Genome
COVID-19 and children
Association Between Vaccination and Acute Myocardial Infarction and Ischemic Stroke After COVID-19 Infection
Should Your Flu and COVID Shots Go in Different Arms?


Don’t Forget Ken Starr!
Monkeypox, COVID-19, AIDS: have we progressed so little?
Prince George’s council pulls ‘Machiavellian’ zoning bill after uproar
The Billion-Dollar Campaign for Right-Wing Extremist Judges
DeSantis Tries to Prove Liberals Hate Immigrants As Much As He Does, Fails: Borrowing a tactic from the White Citizens’ Councils.
Is Biden the Most Pro-Union President in History? The labor historian Erik Loomis discusses the president’s intervention on behalf of railway workers.
Extreme Religious Liberty Is Undermining Public Health
GOP lawmaker calls witness ‘boo’ at hearing, prompts Ocasio-Cortez apology
In Martha’s Vineyard, even the doctors can’t afford housing anymore
A Chill Over the United Kingdom: The absurd—and sometimes sinister—spectacle of mourning Queen Elizabeth.
DOJ Called Out Trump Judge Aileen Cannon With Its Savvy Mar-a-Lago Appeal
Railroad Companies Almost Inflicted an Economic Disaster on the U.S. All because they chose profits over humane working policies.
Biden’s monkeypox adviser is trying manage a virus while dodging talk of Satanism. Demetre Daskalakis has become caricatured as a tattooed oddity among buttoned-up bureaucrats. The truth is far different. “I wish I were that interesting,” he says.
Republicans’ abortion problem keeps getting bigger, drives support for Democrats
Trump calls Biden “an enemy of the state.” Media, as usual, looks the other way. Trump keeps threatening violence — and media keeps giving jobs to his stooges. What’s wrong with this picture?
A DIY air purifier that costs under $100 to make is taking America’s classrooms by storm
Hidden adviser for Stewart Rhodes’ legal team a Montana extremist with white supremacist history
Doug Mastriano was registered to vote in New Jersey his whole life until he ran in Pennsylvania
Dear Liberals, Stop Wonking And Save Lives
How the New Climate Law Can Save You Thousands of Dollars.. Rebates and tax credits can lower the cost of solar panels, energy-efficient appliances and electric vehicles.
Fear and Loathing in Moscow. The former queen mother of the Russian opposition, now living in exile, reflects on the terror that drove her compatriots from the capital, the contempt among those left behind, and the oligarchs who are on the verge of revolt.
Free Metro, Voting, And Plenty On Public Safety: Here’s What The D.C. Council Is Tackling This Fall
A QAnon-Touting Election Denier Could Soon Run This Swing State’s Elections

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