Links 8/9/22

Links for you. Science:

The mystery virus that protects against monkeypox (very good)
The campaign to rename monkeypox gets complicated
For Some COVID Long Haulers, an Oxygen Chamber Offers Long-term Relief (?!?)
NY county with polio has pitiful 60% vaccination rate; 1,000s may be infected. Hundreds need to be infected for one paralytic case to arise. And the virus keeps moving.
Testing, Tracing, and Vaccination Targets for Containment of the US Monkeypox Outbreak: A Modeling Study
CDC study highlights community spread of superbugs (paper here)


RNC links up with ‘Stop the Steal’ advocates to train poll workers. Recordings of recruitment “summits” show party officials working with Cleta Mitchell and other leaders of Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election.
Inside Hollywood’s Visual Effects Crisis
If low-level zealots can be prosecuted for Jan. 6, so can Trump
Joe Biden’s greatest accomplishment so far is…
This DIY box helps clear indoor air of the coronavirus. Why aren’t more people using them?
Voter registration up more than 1,000% in Kansas since overturn of Roe v. Wade
A World Gone Mad
What do we do about all the people who can’t charge an EV at home?
That Old Time Religion
A Forgotten 1990s Law Could Make It Illegal to Discuss Abortion Online
Misleading Kansas abortion texts linked to Republican-aligned firm
Jan. 6 text messages wiped from phones of key Trump Pentagon officials
Biden working through covid is bad for America’s public health
Fascism’s Useful Idiots
GOP’s commitment to gun activists reportedly costs Georgia $50 million when music festival canceled
Shameless Fraud Goes Home
Young people are pissed off: Housing crush sours millennial voters
The Federal Reserve is risking disaster for U.S. workers
Kansas Votes to Preserve Abortion Rights Protections in Its Constitution
What’s The Matter With Washington
Reproductive Rights, Slavery, and ‘Dobbs v. Jackson’
A Brief Guide to Clarence Thomas’s Insane Establishment Clause Jurisprudence

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