Links 7/27/22

Links for you. Science:

Stunning Photos Capture Great White Sharks Leaping High in the Air
A shark expert tells us to stop freaking out about shark attacks and sightings: ‘If sharks wanted to eat us, they would’
Two Children Diagnosed With Monkeypox in US, Officials Say
After STAT report, GOP lawmakers seek answers about defunct NIH oversight committee
Biological units of antimicrobial resistance and strategies for their containment in animal production
The Fögen Effect Masks a Big Methodological Issue


An ‘imposter Christianity’ is threatening American democracy
Useful context for the cancellation of a Dave Chappelle performance
The Best Economists Uber Could Buy: Why would some of the world’s leading economists overstate driver incomes? (it’s only academic corruption if it occurs in the Corrupt province of France, otherwise it’s sparkling Public Choice Theory!)
Two words that capture D.C.’s unsafe streets: ‘Updated again’: Two memorials were being planned for D.C. cyclists. Then a third was killed.
187 Minutes of Treason
The Right to Travel in a Post-Roe World. In a concurring opinion last month, Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh said the Constitution did not allow states to stop women from traveling to get abortions. But the issue is more complicated than that.
Could GOP States Really Stop Pregnant People From Traveling to Get Abortions? Conservative legislatures shouldn’t be able to pass fugitive womb laws, but that doesn’t mean they won’t do it anyway—and get away with it.
How the NY Times obscures the Republican push to roll back marriage equality
Merrick Garland Isn’t Being “Impartial”—He’s Helping Trump. A leaked memo appears to throw cold water on the idea that Garland’s DOJ will hold Trump or his closest cronies accountable for January 6.
More Monkeypox Vaccines Are Coming to NYC. Should You Get Vaccinated — And How?
US Sanctions Help China Supercharge Its Chipmaking Industry
Whatever happened to communication?
The Psychology of Online Political Hostility: A Comprehensive, Cross-National Test of the Mismatch Hypothesis
The gift of Gab is no gift at all
Biden’s Staff Sounds Climate Alarm — About Biden. A letter obtained by The Lever shows the call for climate action is now coming from inside the administration.
This Is Our Emergency
Inside The Academy Working To Train D.C.’s Violence Intervention Workforce
We Can’t Afford Not to Prosecute Trump
A Russian Sociologist Explains Why Putin’s War Is Going Even Worse Than It Looks
White House to launch effort to develop next generation of Covid vaccines
Coachella’s parent company is donating major cash to an anti-abortion political organization
The Single Most Important Thing to Know About Financial Aid: It’s a Sham

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