Links 7/7/22

Links for you. Science:

Mosaic RBD nanoparticles protect against challenge by diverse sarbecoviruses in animal models
The cost of information acquisition by natural selection
Evolution of Plasmid Mobility: Origin and Fate of Conjugative and Nonconjugative Plasmids
Differences in self-perception of productivity and mental health among the STEMM-field scientists during the COVID-19 pandemic by sex and status as a parent: A survey in six languages
Point Prevalence Estimates of Activity-Limiting Long-Term Symptoms among U.S. Adults ≥1 Month After Reported SARS-CoV-2 Infection, November 1, 2021
How to calculate risk in the era of long covid. The potential for long-term symptoms complicates “return to normal” arguments


Veer, and now
Feminism Made a Faustian Bargain With Celebrity Culture. Now It’s Paying the Price.
Joe Manchin has a choice: Help West Virginia and Biden, or McConnell
SCOTUS abortion ruling results in spike in requests in red states for vasectomies, tubal ligations
The Persistent Myth That Restricting Abortion Rights Won’t Affect the Rich
The Evidence That Abortion Improves Lives: The Turnaway Study followed women seeking abortions over ten years, comparing those who received the procedure to those who were denied. The study found that being denied an abortion had negative consequences, and women rarely regret abortions.
The Filibuster, the “Nuclear Option,” and a (New, Old) Thermonuclear Option
‘A scary time’: Fear of prosecution forces doctors to choose between protecting themselves or their patients
An analysis claiming one million voters switched to the GOP last year was fatally flawed. The authors misused voter file data, conflating estimates of party ID with real changes in registration. The error was fixed by other analysts who find parity in party-switching since 2020
Men rush to get vasectomies after Roe ruling
Abortion Restrictions Force Medical Personnel To Commit Grave Ethical Violations
Why SCOTUS’s Radical Gun Ruling Will Lead to More Violence
Is Forced Unemployment the Best We’ve Got?
In Louisiana, a dark turn in the post-Roe wars signals danger ahead
Despite All His Cage: The agony and ecstasy of the artist formerly known as Nicolas Kim Coppola
Maldives reveals “world’s first true floating island city” to cope with rising sea levels
The End of Roe v. Wade Could Help Democrats in These Midterm Races
The Supreme Court’s Conservatives Have Asserted Their Power
How the Founders Intended to Check the Supreme Court’s Power
Actually Good News About Voting for a Change. Colorado’s simple plan to increase voter registration is already working.
Anti-establishment profit-making
Winners and Losers of the Work-From-Home Revolution

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