Links 6/18/22

Links for you. Science:

Immunity to SARS-CoV-2: What Do We Know and Should We Be Testing for It?
People who caught Covid in first wave get ‘no immune boost’ from Omicron (paper here)
Datasets for benchmarking antimicrobial resistance genes in bacterial metagenomic and whole genome sequencing
Long Covid is a ‘national crisis.’ So why are grants taking so long to get?
When Covid Came for Provincetown. In a queer vacation hot spot on Cape Cod, an ad hoc community proved that Americans can stifle large outbreaks—if they want to. (excellent; must-read)
Pfizer’s Paxlovid study fails to answer key questions over benefit for broader populations


Vote Harder And Give More Money
Ten Republicans, led by Cornyn, renege on the gun safety agreement they made with Democrats (inconceivable!)
How special interests are guiding D.C.’s education future (vote against any candidate endorsed by DFER)
How ‘Trustless’ Is Bitcoin, Really? In myth, the cryptocurrency is egalitarian, decentralized and all but anonymous. The reality is very different, scientists have found.
Anti-LGBTQ threats, fueled by internet’s far right ‘machine,’ shut down trans rights and drag events. The threats mostly aimed to shut down events for transgender rights and drag performances, which have become frequent targets of extremists, militias and far-right personalities during June, which is Pride Month. (“Things get broadcast in advance by LibsOfTikTok and other major influencers on the right-wing right now. Then, extremists go into planning over it.”)
Leaked Amazon memo warns the company is running out of people to hire: Unions might not be the tech giant’s biggest labor threat.
Grassley has only himself to blame for skepticism about January 6 denials
The big idea: could the greatest works of literature be undiscovered?
A new study claims Medicare-for-all could have saved more than 200,000 lives during the pandemic
How to Dismantle For-Profit Colleges, Without Congress
Ah, Well, Nevertheless
GOP candidate caught saying Black people were kept ‘hungry and dumb’ by Democratic party
Trumpism without Trump: Maybe he’s beginning to fade — but the danger to democracy isn’t. Trump’s 2020 “Lost Cause” ideology has taught Republicans how to seize power — and they may not need him anymore
A Racist Researcher, Exposed by a Mass Shooting. The work of Michael Woodley, a Briton who was cited by the teenager who killed 10 Black people at a supermarket in Buffalo, included pseudoscientific theories that have been used to justify racism.
Actually, Chesa Boudin was voted out in the richest, whitest areas of San Francisco. Contrary to right-wing propaganda, and “liberal propaganda” by pundits like Jonathan Chait, many diverse neighborhoods in the city voted against recall.
Anti-Vaxxers Pivot to ‘Treating’ Long COVID. Massive doses of vitamin C, pyramid scheme prod and, of course, ivermectin are all on the menu.
How does Ron DeSantis sleep at night? (unclear how age and other factors fit in here)
Felicia Sonmez’s Firing Highlights the Limits of Progress For Women In Newsrooms
Employment is still more important than inflation
Paladino Said Black People Are Held ‘Hungry And Dumb’ While Insisting He Wasn’t Racist
New D.C. high school fight in Palisades

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