Links 5/30/22

Links for you. Science:

Russian Academics Aim to Punish Colleagues Who Backed Ukraine Invasion
You Are Going to Get COVID Again … And Again … And Again
Generalizable Long COVID Subtypes: Findings from the NIH N3C and RECOVER Programs
Excess Mortality in Massachusetts During the Delta and Omicron Waves of COVID-19
Monkeypox is Not a Gay Disease
Kelp Is Weirdly Great at Sucking Carbon Out of the Sky


If the Media Are Reluctant to Properly Label the GOP’s Racist, Christian Nationalist Ideologies, We’ll Have Trouble Hanging on to Democracy
America Turned the Greatest Vehicle of Social Mobility Into a Debt Machine
All Split Up and Nowhere to Go
The Right-Wing Lie That’s Killing Our Children
It’s the Republicans who have turned guns into a political issue
Does Every State Have Its Own Pizza Style Now? A Very Tasty Investigation
The bias hunter: Itiel Dror is determined to reveal the role of bias in forensics, even if it sparks outrage
The Right’s Transphobic Disinfo Campaign About the Uvalde Shooter Is By Design
PAC to spend $1M to oust ‘Squad’ member Tlaib
The second amendment was designed to solve a specific problem…a problem that hasn’t been relevant for over 150 years.
The Ransom. The Root of Haiti’s Misery: Reparations to Enslavers
What America Needs Is a Liberalism That Builds
As bullets ricocheted around him, a Texas student found safety in silence
Democrats Need to Start Talking About Repealing the Second Amendment
A Supreme Court justice’s solution to gun violence: Repeal Second Amendment
Traveling out of state for an abortion: A nightmarish journey that some Massachusetts women face, too
I am an unhoused person. Here’s what happened to me in Adams Morgan.
In Everett, some say alliances and allegiances control what gets done
When a teenager wants a semiautomatic rifle, that’s enough of a red flag
I am a gay man, and I sense danger coming
The real reason nurses are burned out

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